Centre for Applied Disability Studies

Centre for Applied Disability Studies

Centre for Applied Disability Studies

The mandate of the Centre for Applied Disability Studies is to contribute to the betterment of the lives of persons with disabilities by providing multidisciplinary, quality postgraduate education to the next generation of professionals, researchers and educators, as well as to experienced professionals in the field.

Faculty are internationally respected in disabilities and applied behaviour analysis, and the students will be able to tailor a stimulating program of study that meets their current and future interests and career aspirations. Our ABA course sequence is designed to meet the new BACB task list (edition 4), pending BACB approval.


Speaker Series & Workshops


This training program is based on the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline but is offered independent of the BACB.

Participants of this 8 hour workshop are eligible for 9.5 BACB Type 2 CEUs.

June 18, 2014 9:00am - 6:00pm

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
327 Ontario Street, St. Catharines ONT
$200 per person - REGISTRATION CLOSES JUNE 6, 2014.


Dr. Jon Bailey - CANCELLED - Email notification has been sent.

We will do our best to reschedule this event with Dr. Bailey in the future.




QUALIFYING COURSES - CADS is now accepting applications for Qualifying Courses beginning September 2014

Qualifying Courses for students who currently do not meet the minimum criteria for admission to the M.ADS program are now available. Successful completion of qualifying courses would allow M.ADS applicants who do not meet the minimum entry criteria to be considered for admission to our M.ADS program.

Information about the Qualifying Courses can be found under the link on the left hand side for FUTURE STUDENTS.  

APPLICATION DEADLINE - MARCH 30th (Applicants will receive notification after July 19th)


PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS - Have you THOROUGHLY read our website?  Make sure you read the FAQ. Our most commonly asked questions are answered here!


New Student Orientation Sessions will be held in the Summer for all students who have accepted their offers of admissions.  Please check your email frequently.


The application deadline for admissions for 2014 has passed but we will still consider late applications for review after the first round of admissions is complete.


First round admissions begins review on February 1st for complete applications.  Students should not expect to hear about their applications until after March 15th. This process will take a few week and is NOT immediate after the 15th.  CADS reviews every application and ALL students will be notified when there is an update to the file.  Please check your portal as this has the most up to date information.

Click here to apply!


OTTAWA COHORT - Interested in applying for the Ottawa Satellite programme?  CADS is now accepting applications for our Ottawa cohort in Fall 2014. Please be advised the Ottawa cohort is subject to sufficient enrolment.  Late applications will continue to be accepted until the Ottawa cohort is full.


CURRENT STUDENTS - Course Registration

All Students: Please check the course schedule page to find out when your courses are available.  Spring dates will not be available until midway through the Winter Term.  As a reminder, do not plan summer vacations prior to the release of the Spring Schedule.

MA Students:  Planning to defend before April?  Submit your first draft form no later than December 15th.  If you plan to defend in the Spring term, make sure you submit your first draft form in by April 15th.

Have you paid your tuition yet?  Make sure you do so before the end of term!





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