College Transfer Credits

College Transfer Credits


Transfer credit – who qualifies for it?

Applicants completing a college diploma as part of an articulation agreement are eligible for transfer credit as outlined in the specific agreement (see for details).
All other applicants completing a college diploma program not associated with an articulation agreement may receive transfer credit according to the following guidelines:
  • graduated from a two-year diploma program or who have completed a minimum of two years of a three-year diploma program with a minimum 70% overall average (may be awarded up to 3.0 transfer credits);
  • graduated from a three-year advanced diploma program with a minimum 70% overall average (may be awarded up to 5.0 transfer credits, where the college and Brock programs are quite compatible, up to 7.5 transfer credits may be awarded with approval of the department);
  • completed a minimum of one semester of an applied college degree program(transfer credit subject to individaul review);
  • Note: graduates of one-year academic certificate programs may be eligible for entry, however no transfer credit will be granted;

Other transfer appliacants:

  • graduated from a two-year CEGEP diploma program or who have completed a minimum of two years of a three-year CEGEP diploma program (may be awarded up to 5.0 first year transfer credits);
  • completed the International Baccalaureate diploma (departmentally approved HL courses with a minimum grade of 5) (may be awarded up to 3.0 transfer credits) 
  • completed Advanced Placement courses (departmentally approved courses with an examination grade of 4) (may be awarded up to 2.0 transfer credits);
  • completed GCE/A-level courses (departmentally approved courses with a minimum grade of C or higher) or similar curriculum in other countries (may be awarded up to 3.0 credits)
  • A Statement of Advanced Standing

    outlining any assigned transfer credits can be viewed through your portal.

  • Applicants currently completing a college credential will be assessed for additional transfer credit once a final transcript is submitted to Admissions. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a final transcript
Brock University makes every effort to recognize previously completed post-secondary study and to award transfer credit where possible. Depending on previously completed course work, transfer credit may be awarded as one of the following:
  • an exact equivalent (e.g. HIST 1F95)
  • an unspecified departmental credit (e.g. 1.0 Year 2 HIST unspecified)
  • an unspecified elective credit (e.g. 1.0 Year 1 elective)
Honours and with major degrees offered by Brock University are 20.0 credits; pass (3 Year) degrees are 15 credits. A normal course load is 5.0 credits = one full-time year of study.
The awarding of transfer credit is based primarily upon:
  1. level of similarity between the college program and Brock degree;
  2. course content;
  3. grades achieved in courses.

Transfer students are strongly encouraged to see an academic advisor once admitted to understand how transfer credits awarded will fit into their program of study. In some cases not all awarded transfer credit will fit within a degree or program of study.