Policing and Criminal Justice

Policing and Criminal Justice

Niagara College Police Foundations (Accelerated) Diploma & Brock University Human Geography, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology (Collaborative Study in Policing and Criminal Justice)

  • Obtain a 4-year Honours Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography, Political Science, Sociology, or a 4-year Bachelor of Arts with Major in Psychology from Brock University and a Police Foundations diploma from Niagara College.
  • Students attend Brock University for years 1, 2, and 4 while year 3 is completed at Niagara College.
  • Brock students must have a minimum 70% average at the end of year 1 in the program in which they major. Applicants who are admitted to the program must maintain a minimum 70 percent average and meet other program requirements to continue in the program and to enter the Police Foundations Accelerated Program at Niagara College. Meeting minimum program requirements does not guarantee admission.

Application Process:
OUAC 101 application form (www.ouac.on.ca) current Ontario secondary school applicants
OUAC 105 application form (www.ouac.on.ca) all other applicants entering year 1 at Brock University
OUAC Code (Geography): BGE
OUAC Code (Political Science): BPO
OUAC Code (Psychology): BPY
OUAC Code (Sociology): BSO
Year Code: First Year

Year 1 students taking the required first year courses for the Collaborative Study in Policing and Criminal Justice (CSPCJ) program are eligible to apply for admission to the CSPCJ Program through the Office of the Dean of Social Sciences no later than April 15 of any given year.

Contact Info:
Student Contact: Jeanette Ramsay (jramsay@brocku.ca)

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