Faculty of Education bulding extension

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Faculty of Education bulding extension

The prosperity and vitality of our country depends, in part, on the ability of classroom teachers to inspire future generations of children. Strengthening and expanding our Faculty of Education’s teaching, learning and research environment is an investment in the future.

Commitment to improving education
Brock’s Faculty of Education is committed to improving education at every level. Faculty members are expert academics and practitioners, with knowledge grounded both in theory and practice. Both students and faculty have contributed to important research initiatives that investigate the benefits of after-school programs, how parent engagement improves student learning, and the tools needed to help students transfer from classroom to work.

The Faculty maintains a very strong reputation for, and commitment to, its academic research-based Master of Education program — one of the longest-standing graduate programs at Brock.

With campuses located in St. Catharines and Hamilton, more than 3,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and teacher education programs as well as additional qualification courses and certificate programs.

Collaboration leading to innovative learning and research opportunities
In January 2010, the first phase of Brock’s Faculty of Education building extension officially opened. The extension has provided research and office space for faculty and graduate students, enhanced space for advising undergraduate students in our Concurrent Education programs, and renovated and enlarged instructional space.
By bringing together staff, faculty and students in one building on the St. Catharines campus, the extension will allow for a more collaborative learning environment. Our already-collegial faculty and staff will be able to work together more effectively and will benefit from informal social interactions. Faculty members will work together on teaching and research projects; their scholarship will enrich their teaching and enhance the research and learning opportunities for our students.

New kindergarten-to-Grade12 labs
More renovation is urgently needed. We’re currently seeking philanthropic support to finish the project to create a state-of-the-art kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) science and mathematics education laboratory and a new studio for music education.

In both cases, our current classrooms urgently need updating. They were built in the 1970s and do not model contemporary K-12 classrooms. The room currently used for music teacher education, for example, is too small, offers little storage space of instruments and is not soundproof, which constrains music teaching as it is necessary to minimize sound that impinges on adjacent teaching spaces. An improved music studio will support the incorporation of movement into music teaching.   The classrooms used for math and science teacher education will transform into laboratories and will provide safe storage of science equipment, supplies and chemicals, and mathematic manipulative teaching aids.

An enhanced, barrier-free student learning environment will provide for increased collaboration and will contribute in the development of strong teacher advocates and leaders in music, math and science education.

Improved partnerships
Expanding the Faculty of Education building will augment our partnerships with industry and outside organizations. The Teacher Education Program, for example, collaborates with school boards to create internship centres and community teaching opportunities for teacher candidates. Our master’s programs are also offered across the province to meet the needs of students working in schools, colleges, universities and social service agencies.

Through the Master of Education-International Student Program, the Faculty has developed relationships on an international level. The success of Additional Qualification ESL courses held in China for the past 10 years has provided practising teachers rewarding and unique experiences teaching in a foreign country.

Your support
With your support, faculty members will be empowered to search for leading-edge practices to teach mathematics, science and music. Our graduates will influence thousands of children in schools and will impact the lives of learners in colleges and universities, giving them skills that are vital in a global economy.