Ten Thousand Coffees

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Welcome to Ten Thousand Coffees, an exclusive online network that gives you the potential to connect with current students and fellow Brock alumni who have relevant career and life experiences!

Currently available to two Faculties

This is a pilot program currently available to students and graduates of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and the Goodman School of Business only. We hope to expand the program to all of Brock’s faculties in the spring, so stay tuned for updates!

Sign up today and begin connecting with other professionals and students from your faculty!

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What is Ten Thousand Coffees?

Ten Thousand Coffees is a knowledge network that introduces you to fellow members of the Brock community based on career goals and professional interests. It is designed to help you foster new relationships and become an innovative, creative, high performing and in-demand professional.

Ten Thousand Coffees helps power one-to-one human connections to help with essential learning and career development. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose your interests.
  2. Receive introductions to other members on the Hub – or – search the community using filters to find the right people for the right conversations.
  3. Set up a meeting.

It’s that simple!

Our goal is to enable every student and alumnus to discover career opportunities, gain work integrated learning experiences and prepare for the future of work. This will be done through:

  • Allowing you to make direct connections with students and alumni who are interested in career success.
  • Enabling you to quickly find or be automatically matched with peers, mentors or talent all over the world.
  • Providing you with a customized experience to suit your needs and interests.
  • Letting you easily schedule meetings in person or online.