Brock University Alumni Association

The Brock University Alumni Association (BUAA) represents the interests of all Brock alumni and acts as an advocate on their behalf, creates opportunities for alumni to stay engaged with the Brock community, and recognizes our collective success.

The alumni association is an autonomous organization made up of Brock grads, for Brock grads. The organization is championed and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. As alumni advocates, our Board works to foster and recognize a tradition of excellence by advancing the value and reputation of each Brock degree and aims to create an environment in which Brock alumni can maintain a lifelong connection to the University.

As a valued member of the Brock University Alumni Association (BUAA), Brock graduates have access to a network of more than 105,000 fellow alumni and quality services and benefits exclusive to members of the Brock alumni community.

Fostering and recognizing a tradition of excellence by working together to advance the value and reputation of the Brock degree and experience.

These values guide the work of the Brock University Alumni Association:

Act as the voice of alumni.
Forge partnerships and lifelong relationships.
Contribute to the success of Brock University and its alumni.
Commit to ethical, honest, transparent operations.
Cultivate, demonstrate and celebrate leadership.

Act as the Representative Voice of Alumni
• Improve the integration of the BUAA into the on-going activities of the University
• Improve the participation/contribution of the BUAA in University governance
• Strengthen the internal governance of the BUAA

Alumni Engagement
• Improve the promotion of the BUAA mission with alumni
• Strengthen the connections our alumni have with each other and the University
• Support and promote the University in 50th anniversary celebrations

Student Engagement
• Educate and engage all students, undergraduate and graduate, at all points in the student life cycle
• Build relationships in pursuit of common interests and goals with the undergraduate and graduate student associations

2020/2021 Board Members

Mary Ann Edwards (BPhEd ’76, BEd ’77)

Allie Hughes (BA ’09)

Anthony Marotta (BBA ’15)

Erin Mathany (BSM ’05)**

Cooper Millard (BA ’14)

Jayne Morrish (MA ’12)

James O’Brien (BA ’07)*

Greg Plata (BSM ’08)

Lauren Swindley (BA ’07)

Chris Ventura (BA ’12, MEd ’17)

* Representative to the Brock University Senate
** Representative to the Brock University Board of Trustees 

If you are interested in joining the BUAA please contact our office at 905-688-5550 x4190 or