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Virtual Lunch and Learn: Five ways professional development can advance your career presented by Nathan Cheney (BEd '14)

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Join Nathan to learn the advantages of engaging in formal or informal professional development for your career. Get tangible tips on engaging with your supervisor, building a professional network and marketing the skills you acquire to reach your personal and professional goals.


Tune in to learn skills and research from industry professionals and explore new interests.

Managing Your Finances

This webinar explores best practices you can implement to help manage—and pay off—debt and begin investing in your future.

Inflammation: How a Healing Reaction Can Contribute to Health Issues

Learn changes you can put into practice to encourage positive healing to combat tissue damage caused by your body’s reaction to inflammation.

Cryptocurrency Info Session

Learn the history, benefits, and risks of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as well as recent development of cryptocurrencies on the part of central governments and banks.

Phone Photography 101: Visual Storytelling on the Go

Learn how to get the most out of your mobile device and capture beautiful images on the go! This webinar will teach you tips to help you take your mobile photography to the next level.

Current Banking Trends: A Fireside Chat with Brock Alumni

This interactive discussion explores current banking trends, private versus public markets, and post-COVID global corporate investment banking.

First Time Home Buyers Panel

Learn about buyer incentives, government programs, mortgage and down payment qualifications, home insurance and the buying process.

First Time Home Buyers

Tune in to this webinar led by Jordan Nunn (BBA ’16), Mortgage Agent with Empire Mortgage Group, for essential guidance on avoiding beginner mistakes, understanding the home buying process and gaining practical tips for making informed decisions. Register to take one step closer to homeownership success!

Networking that Sticks

Learn strategies on how to make an impactful introduction, create meaningful and engaging small talk and overcome fear of approaching strangers.

Joining a Board of Directors: Impacting you and your Community

Learn about the different types of Boards, how they are governed, and the roles and responsibilities within them as you prepare to get involved in your community as a volunteer.

The Power of Relationships: Why Mentorship Matters

Mentorship in the workplace can be a game-changer. Learn how Mark Beckles, Vice-President, Social Impact & Innovation at RBC has benefitted from mentorship in his career and how he has amplified his impact by mentoring others.

Leadership Coaching: Essential Skills for Leading

Learn the skills and awareness you need to create a solid foundation for your team so you can react to our ever-changing working environments with grace.

Leadership Coaching: Connecting as a Leader

Learn to connect with each member of your team on a human level in remote and in-person environments and inspire your team to come together to achieve your goals.

Leading Virtual Teams

This webinar explore best practices for leading virtual teams—what works, what doesn’t and how you can ensure your team meets their goals whether they’re remote or in the office.

Lead with AND – Unleash the superpower of Both/And leadership in an Either/Or world

Explore the three characteristics of a “both/and” leader and learn how you can address the tensions of competing demands head-on and how you can assess and leverage unavoidable leadership tensions.

#BreakTheBias: Empowering women to succeed and allies to support

This webinar explores the barriers that women face as they enter or navigate the workforce and the important role that both women and allies play in breaking them down.

Accepting All Outcomes – A Path Forward for 2022

This webinar teaches how to create goals and an action plan to achieve them and explores strategies to navigate inevitable changes and failures along the way.

How to Lead a Team

Leading a team of any size is an exhilarating challenge in any profession, but true leadership goes beyond titles. This session will guide you through best practices to connect, motivate and inspire your teams as an effective leader so you can better leverage the time and talents of your team members.

Maximize your LinkedIn

Equip yourself with useful tools and methods for elevating your LinkedIn and online presence to maximize making connections and growing your career.

Ace that Interview and Land Your Dream Job

This panel discussion explores best practices, tips and tricks to help you conquer your interviews with confidence.

Creating a Standout Resume & Cover Letter

Learn how to interpret and dissect a job advertisement to craft a cover letter and customized resume that sparks the attention of your potential employer.

Job Search for New Grads

Learn effective strategies and resources to help you navigate job opportunities and get you connected to professionals in your field.

Rock the Interview

Interviewing is more than just having the right answers. Approach your next interview or networking event with confidence and learn how you can influence the first impression you make and show your best self while answering employers’ questions.

In Demand Skills in Ontario

This virtual session presented by Nathan Cheney (BA ’14, BEd ’14) on behalf of Brock University’s Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS), will explore the most in-demand labour skills in Ontario. Using the AI tool Lightcast, PCS will provide insight into what skills are being asked for in key industries, identify ways that alumni can promote their acquisition of key skills and create a market for their talent within the workforce

Lifespan Speaker Series — Maternal Postpartum Depression and Infant Brain Development

This webinar discusses the impact of maternal postpartum depression on mothers and their infants.

Lifespan Speaker Series — Staying healthy as we age

In this webinar, you will learn about safe ways to exercise as we age, the importance of maintaining physical activity and research on exercise in older adults.

Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behaviour in Children and Youth

This webinar discusses specific problem behaviours and how parents, educators, and youth-focused practitioners can support children and youth struggling with displaying problem behaviours.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Steep a cuppa and let’s talk tea and bone health

Learn how the unique components in tea may support a strong, healthy skeleton through a discussion of findings from studies at Brock and broader scientific literature.

Lifespan Speaker Series — Acceptance and commitment training for caregivers

This webinar discusses what acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is and why it is an important treatment option for caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, the real-world impact of ACT with caregivers, and suggestions for future research on ACT.

Lifespan Speaker Series — The Effectiveness of Virtual Parent Training for Young Children At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

This webinar discusses a parent-focused early intervention program for young children at-risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and highlights early results regarding the impact of parent training on child development.

Lifespan Speaker Series — Perfectionism and Youth Well-Being

This webinar investigates what perfectionism is and how it influences youth health and wellbeing while discussing why so many youth experience pressure to be perfect and how parents, educators, and youth-focused practitioners can support youth struggling with perfectionism.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Nothing About Us Without Us – Engaging Young People’s Voice

This webinar explores the importance and benefits of engaging young people in the initiatives and decisions that impact them and presents recommendations on how to best engage them.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Who volunteers these days anyway? Lessons learned from lifelong volunteers in the Age-friendly Niagara movement

Using case study stories from Age Friendly Niagara volunteers, this webinar explores what researchers have learned from their experiences and how we can translate these findings to our own lives and community.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Treating postpartum depression, benefits for mom and baby

This webinar presents new evidence on treatments for postpartum depression improves maternal health, but also benefits infant emotional and behavioural development, as well as mother-infant interaction patterns.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Power Dynamics in Early Childhood

This webinar explores aspects of power in early childhood that are a crucial element of social-cognitive skills in early childhood development.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Movement and Mental Health – What’s happening with youth today

This free webinar explores how specific movement behaviours, like keeping active or sleeping regularly, relate to mental health among adolescents.

Navigating Your Job Search During a Pandemic

Learn helpful tips and tricks to conduct a successful job hunt as you begin the next chapter of your life after graduation.

Returning to the Office: Employment Law in the Pandemic

This webinar explores key considerations for employers and employees during the pandemic, including the rise of hybrid and remote work, vaccination policies, and proposed changes to Ontario employment law.

Lifespan Speaker Series – Youth mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

This webinar explores research on the impact of the pandemic measures on adolescent mental health, with a focus on school closures and different COVID-19 learning modes and provides recommendations for schools and policy makers to better support youth mental health.