Brock's Niagara Athletic Playing Field

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Brock's Niagara Athletic Playing Field


A proud history of athletics
In any community, sport is an integral part of understanding human potential and the concepts of collaboration and leadership. It’s also a great way to develop interests and skills outside of the classroom and acquire a well-rounded education.

Brock has a proud history in interuniversity athletics. In 43 years of athletic competition Brock’s varsity athletes, the Badgers, have captured nearly 30 national championships and more than 50 Ontario championships. Over half of those titles have been won since 2000.

Brock has won national championships in basketball, men’s soccer, rowing, men’s field lacrosse and baseball. The men’s wrestling team has won the national title 13 times including an unprecedented 10 consecutive years from 1998 to 2008. The Badgers have won Ontario titles in men’s and women’s wrestling, rowing, curling, lacrosse, baseball, fencing and men’s rugby. This is a record of athletic successes that establishes Brock Athletics as a site of excellence.

Brock athletes embody both sides of the brain
Our student athletes are great examples of how Brock students use both sides of their brain. Brock’s student athletes not only dedicate their time and energy to their chosen sport — an average of 15 hours per week to training and competition — but they also maintain a high academic standing with a full-time course load. Additionally, student athletes participate in numerous community outreach activities to inspire at-risk high school students to pursue post-secondary education.


Jan. 27, 2009
Celebration of Athletic Excellence


A new home for our national champions
Despite Brock University’s roster of athletic championships, we do not have a playing field or stadium in the region to match the athletic excellence exhibited by our teams. Brock’s Niagara Athletic Playing Field will provide a state-of-the-art facility to complement and support the athletic excellence of our athletes. The new playing field and stadium will support sports such as soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, football, baseball, and track and field.


Commitment to community
At Brock, we believe that universities should be directly engaged in the advancement of their communities — socially, economically and culturally. 

As part of Brock’s commitment to the broader community, our Niagara Athletic Playing Field will provide Niagara with a much-needed artificial turf playing field, stadium and related facilities, including:

  • Two ball fields
  • Artificial turf, multi-use covering
  • Fully accessible 1,200-seat stadium
  • Lighting and score board
  • Enhanced parking
  • Change rooms and team storage areas
In addition to providing a world-class facility for our athletes, Brock’s Niagara Athletic Playing Field will be leveraged as a venue for community recreational programming, with field time available for community use. 
This dynamic partnership between the University and the City of Thorold will improve the health of Niagara residents, bring the community together and inspire and develop young athletes.
Economic benefits from sport tourism
A new playing field and stadium will create new hosting opportunities. Today, Niagara cannot host larger-scale spectator events and tournaments because we do not have a large enough playing field or stadium. Our region is losing the direct and indirect economic benefits that come from sport tourism. With a new playing field and 1,200-seat stadium, Niagara and Brock can attract millions of sport tourism dollars to benefit us all.

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