Winning at Life with the Badgers

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Winning at Life with the Badgers

"This program provides the unique opportunity for interaction between local positive role models and the youth in the Niagara Region."

Dallas Beaton, Winning at Life Student Co-ordinator


What is the Winning at Life with the Badgers?
Winning at Life with the Badgers is a community outreach program that Brock Athletics introduced during its 2001-02 athletic season. It involves student-athletes from Brock visiting schools in the Niagara region and sharing their experiences as student-athletes based on one of the “Five principles for Winning at Life"”.
The principles are believe in yourself; set and develop goals; overcome obstacles; commit and challenge yourself; and the importance of positive role models.

How do the presentations work?
Schools can request a specific athlete/topic/sport, or they can request a series of presentations. Students will make presentations stressing one of these principles while sharing their experiences as a student athlete. This program is a benefit to the children, the athletes, and the Brock community as a whole.