Athletic Awards

Athletic Awards

Brock has a proud history of varsity sports, and our goal is for it to continue.

The joy of university athletics is not the destination, but the journey of dedication and sacrifice required to achieve personal excellence. While our athletes have made a commitment to their respective sports, they have also made a commitment to academic excellence and the broader community.

At Brock, it costs about $18,000 annually for an undergraduate student living away from home. In addition to paying tuition and living expenses, student athletes are also responsible for some of the costs related to competing, including team travel wear and jerseys, gym memberships for off-season training, athletic therapy fees, and food and beverage costs when travelling.

Time is also a precious commodity. Brock’s student athletes must not only maintain good academic standing with a full-time course load, they must also dedicate an average of 15 hours per week to training and competition. Through Brock’s Winning At Life with the Badgers program and IMPACT program, student athletes also participate in numerous community outreach activities to inspire at-risk high school students to pursue post-secondary education. Studying, training, practising, competing and contributing to the community leave little to no time for student athletes to work part time so they can pay bills and tuition fees, let alone fully contribute to their athletic team.

Athletic awards have been authorized by the Ontario University Athletics and Canadian Interuniversity Sport in an attempt to keep the best student-athletes in Ontario for their post-secondary careers.

Athletic awards recognize student-athletes who dedicate countless hours to train and compete while handling a full course load.

By supporting athletic awards, you are ensuring that more student-athletes will have the opportunity to participate in sports.

The student-athlete is an integral part of a tradition of excellence, wherein aspiring men and women succeed not only on the playing field, but also in the classroom as they prepare for life after university. They represent all that is good about amateur athletics and deserve our support and encouragement.

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