Removing Barriers: Student Awards

The Campaign for a Bold New Brock

Removing Barriers: Student Awards

Student awards are more than just a means to an education. They’re an investment in talent, an opportunity to touch a life, a family, even an entire community. They’re an opportunity to attract bright minds eager for intellectual engagement.

That's why the Campaign for a Bold New Brock has set a goal of increasing our endowment for student awards by $7.75 million, making financial aid one of our highest fundraising priorities. With matching funds from the Government of Ontario, gifts to the campaign will produce more than $15 million in endowments, enabling our brightest minds to shine.

Through endowed undergraduate and graduate student awards, including bursaries, scholarships and athletic awards, Brock’s student awards program provides students with the opportunity to pursue the Brock experience: a well-rounded education where both sides of the brain are nurtured.

This investment will enable Brock to recruit the brightest students locally, nationally and internationally, making Brock a leader on the international stage.

We are looking for investments into:

1. Graduate Fellowships
2. Undergraduate Scholarships
3. Graduate and Undergraduate Bursaries
4. Athletic Awards

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May 10, 2010
Graduate Studies Donor and Student Recognition Ceremony


May 27, 2009
Graduate Studies Donor and Student Recognition Ceremony