Brock joins forces with AAFC to create research network for grape and wine industry

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Brock joins forces with AAFC to create research network for grape and wine industry

Apr. 5, 2010

Brock University’s grape and wine research institute has signed an agreement with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC) to increase research efforts that will strengthen Canada’s grape growers and wineries. 

A memorandum of understanding spanning the country between Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology & Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) in Ontario and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre (PARC) in British Columbia creates a new national research network that will focus on national grape and wine research priorities of the Canadian industry. 

The new PARC-CCOVI Wine Grape Research Network will support exchange of ideas and information related to viticulture and oenology. This collaboration will advance the industry via a number of ways such as joint research to address national research priorities; communications activities including lectures and seminars to share information across the country; as well as career and skills development for students, technicians and research professionals in both provinces. 

Dr. Pat Bowen, Research Scientist at PARC based in Summerland, B.C. welcomes the news. “This agreement is a first for Canada and will strengthen cooperation between researchers in Ontario and British Columbia which in turn will advance the grape and wine industry,” she said. 

CCOVI Director Dr. Debbie Inglis hailed the partnership as a breakthrough to strategically address national research priorities. “All the pieces are in place to implement concrete collaborative projects that will generate useful information for grape growers and wineries across Canada,” she said. 

Founded in 1996, CCOVI has established itself as an internationally recognized research institute on cool climate viticulture, oenology, wine business, policy research, wine culture and wine tourism. CCOVI advances the industry by focusing on research priorities of the Canadian grape and wine industry and the continuing educational needs and outreach services required by that community. 

PARC in British Columbia is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's national network of 19 research centres. Home to AAFC’s largest wine grape research team, the Summerland research site addresses national agricultural priorities in the areas of horticultural and field crop production and protection.