Brock gains support of magnetic materials research

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Brock gains support of magnetic materials research

Dec. 18, 2008

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has announced that it has awarded $25,542 to Brock University to support a project led by Martin Lemaire, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry.

"We are delighted to have these awards that support our researchers and confirm Brock's place in the forefront of research," said Ian Brindle, associated vice-president, Research and International Development. "Martin Lemaire's work is at the leading edge of the field of nanomagnets that will have endless possibilities in computers and undreamed of applications."

Lemaire's funding will be used to purchase an inert atmosphere glove box and an electrochemical workstation for his magnetic materials research laboratory at Brock. He is interested in the preparation of new "molecular" magnetic materials, which are different from the "magnets" most people are familiar with as they are extremely small -- on the scale of single molecules (nanomagnets).

As a chemist, Lemaire uses chemical synthesis and alters molecular structures to create magnets with unprecedented properties; liquid magnets or plastic magnets are just two of the many exciting possibilities. Lemaire anticipates the use of these materials for future applications in magnetic data storage media or as new sensory devices. These materials are expected to tremendously increase computer data storage capacities and processor speeds, in addition to other exciting potential applications with intriguing economic benefits for Ontario.

"Brock University continues to be a place where cutting-edge research takes place, in fields such as chemistry," said Rick Dykstra, St. Catharines MP. "I am extremely pleased to see that the CFI has recognized the value in Dr. Lemaire's project and its potential economic impact on our community and beyond."