Brock adds Applied Health Sciences PhD program

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Brock adds Applied Health Sciences PhD program

Aug. 27, 2008

Brock University has initiated a new PhD program in Applied Health Sciences that features three fields of study with dramatic potential for positive impact on the health of individuals, groups, populations, and even organizations.

"The approval of the new PhD program is a clear indication of the maturity and reputation of the Faculty's undergraduate and graduate program offerings. Our multi-disciplinary approach provides yet another example of how our Faculty continues to break the boundaries of academic convention," noted Anna Lathrop, Interim Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

"If you look at the example of childhood obesity and its impact on health, the issue can be studied from different fields and perspectives," noted Mike Plyley, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

"However, if you study the issue from only one perspective, you won't get all the answers you are looking for, nor will the research be as rewarding as when you are able to see problem from several perspectives and develop the bigger picture."

"Proposals for doctoral programs are very rigorously vetted at the provincial level," noted Marilyn Rose, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. "The success of this initiative speaks to the depth and strength of the research faculty in Applied Health Sciences, and to the hard work and vision of Dr. Plyley and his colleagues."

Faculty members will spend the next few months actively recruiting the best possible candidates for the program. Three will be admitted for January 2009, while a full roster of six candidates will be admitted in September 2009. At its peak, there will be 24 PhD candidates in the four-year, multi-disciplinary program.

The timing couldn't be more appropriate, Plyley noted, as some of the researchers will eventually be housed in the new Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex.