ADS Override Request

To request an override for ADS UNDERGRADUATE COURSES (ADST 4PXX) – fill out the form below (a separate request is required for each course of interest).

Requests are considered on an individual basis.

An override will be granted ONLY if:

  • students are not able to register in ADST 4P90 if they have taken or are registered in CHYS 3P47
  • students are able to register in ADST 4P91 if they have successfully completed ADST 4P90 or CHYS 3P47
  • the request meets your degree requirements and you have sought academic advising/approval from your home department;
  • you have completed a minimum of 12.5 credits;
  • pre-requisites are met;
  • and if there is space available in the course.

Please note that requests made through this website are for Brock University students wishing to take ADS Undergraduate Courses only. These courses run pending sufficient enrolment – overrides will be removed if not used in a timely fashion.

Questions please contact Brandy Sokoloski

  • For ADST 4P96/4P76 ONLY.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.