The ESRC is Launching a Certificate in Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

Our society and our environment are rapidly evolving and our student, municipal, and organizational leaders must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable environmental changes for a brighter, more equitable future. To meet this important need, The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre is developing and will be launching a non-credit certificate in Leadership in Environmental Sustainability that will serve as a professional development opportunity for people within the Niagara Region and beyond.

This completely online certificate program will equip individuals with knowledge about environmental sustainability and advanced competencies required to become future change agents. What is unique about this certificate is that learners will be able to tailor their experience based on their current and desired skills and knowledge to meet their professional development goals.

If this certificate sounds like it may be of interest to you, we would greatly appreciate receiving your input on what is important to you in terms of course topics, duration, and course delivery methods.

As creating content that is of interest to potential learners is paramount, this brief questionnaire aims to gain insights into your professional development or educational needs related to sustainability, leadership, and the environment.

To thank you for filling out the questionnaire, you will have the chance to register to be part of a draw to win a $150 gift card to spend at your favourite local business. We look forward to launching this innovative certificate and are grateful for your input!

To learn more about this certificate program please click here.

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