Visit your Applicant and Student Self-Serve page on your Brock portal and choose “Appointment Bookings”

  1. Choose “Advising Services”
  2. Choose the Advising Department you would like to book an appointment with.

Central Academic Advising offers walk-in advising on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm in Thistle 120, 121, and 122. These meetings are designed for quick general questions and last typically no longer than 10 minutes.

Brock’s academic regulations and University policies can be accessed from the current year’s undergraduate calendar: https://brocku.ca/webcal/2019/undergrad/areg.html

Undergraduate calendars for specific departments and programs can be accessed through the University’s undergraduate calendar webpage. Please note that you must follow the calendar year in which you were admitted to your program. It is important to be in continued contact with your academic adviser in order to ensure that you are meeting your degree requirements. The undergraduate calendar for the current year can be accessed here: https://brocku.ca/webcal/current/undergrad/

  • Sakai/Isaak is Brock’s web based learning management system; it facilitates learning by creating private communities for exchanging information such as dates, files, notes and other resources. Sakai/Isaak also provides communication tools like mail and discussion boards. Your professors will be using Sakai/Isaak to post relevant and often important course-based announcements, as well as providing grades for your assignments and updating your course marks. Further information can be found here: https://kumu.brocku.ca/sakai/FAQ
  • User information can be found here: https://kumu.brocku.ca/sakai/Help
  • It is highly recommended that you consult with an academic adviser when you are considering a change of major. There is a process for changing your major and academic advising will help you understand the process and facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Application and approval for change of major is required.
  • A minor is distinct from a student’s major or combined major and requires from four to six credits as designated by the relevant academic Department/Centre.
  • Students wishing to obtain a minor, within a degree program, may not use the same course(s) to satisfy both the major requirement and the minor requirement. Application and approval to carry a minor is required.

Students are free to add or drop courses through the online registration system without financial penalty while the system is open (see the appropriate registration guide for details).

Circumstances may arise where you are unable to register for a course you need/want to take. In most cases, you will require an override to register in the course. Overrides are granted through the department/centre offering the course and are subject to their approval (see departmental contact information). Overrides are generated on a case by case basis and are not guaranteed. Students requesting an override should contact the appropriate teaching department/centre directly. Once an override is granted, it is the student’s responsibility to register for the course.

Communication is key. Students are encouraged to reflect on their individual circumstances, some things to consider:

  • Underprepared
  • Overextended
  • Non-academic issues
  • Judgment mistakes
  • Other indicators

To further discuss your specific situation contact Central Academic Advising by booking an appointment or utilizing walk-in advising hours.

  • A student may repeat a failed course, but no course may be repeated more than once. Both grades will remain on the student’s transcript but the second grade will be used in the computation of the student’s average.
  • You should contact an academic adviser for assistance.
  • After the active registration period, a student may voluntarily withdraw from courses without academic penalty by informing the Office of the Registrar, in writing using the appropriate course registration form. Please note that the final date to withdraw without academic penalty is not the same as the final date to drop without financial penalty. All withdrawals have financial penalties. The date of withdrawal from a course, following the course change period, will be recorded on the student’s official transcript.
  • Students who withdraw from all courses after the appropriate drop date must contact the Student Accounts and Financial Aid office to ensure the complete withdrawal is processed correctly. To assist students and ensure all considerations have been made the complete withdrawal checklist can be used as a guide: https://brocku.ca/safa/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/Complete-Withdrawal-Checklist-updated-August-10_2016.pdf