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Diana deMan, B.B.A.

2nd floor, Thistle Complex (TH 208B)
905 688 5550 x4262

Dan Portanova, BA Music, BEd, MBA Candidate

2nd floor, Thistle Complex (TH 208C)
905 688 5550 x3428

Joe Ferraro, B.B.A

2nd floor, Thistle Complex (TH 208D)
905 688 5550 x5463

Michael Gicante, BA, MA  (on leave)

2nd Floor, Thistle Complex (TH208E)
905 688 5550 x. 6778

Catherine Carlucci, BSc, BEd

2nd Floor, Thistle Complex (TH208E)

905 688 5550 x. 5262