Academic standing

Academic Standing refers to your status as a student within the university.  There are three possible states:

  • Good academic standing (When you have an overall average of 60% or more.)
  • Academic Probation (AP) (When you have attempted 2 or more credits and obtained an overall average below 60%.)*
  • Academic Suspension

*Keep in mind that AP is a university-wide policy; specific programs have additional average requirements beyond this—make sure you know them!

To help you understand Academic Standing further, a Undergraduate Academic Progression flowchart was made for you

I’m not doing as well as I’d like, what now?

Take some time to think about what might be interfering with your success.

  • Are you preparing enough for your courses?
  • Are you overextended?
  • Are there personal issues interfering with your studies?
  • Have you made mistakes in judgement?
  • Are you struggling with the course content itself?
  • Are you struggling with demonstrating your knowledge through essays or exams?

Thinking about the obstacles can help you decide who to reach out to.  You are surrounded by people who care and who are dedicated to helping you succeed. All you need to do is ask…