Centre for Women's and Gender Studies



In 1989, women professors from all six faculties at Brock University as well as a number of librarians met to organize a Women’s Studies Program. The organizing committee was chaired by Dr. Mary Frances Richardson from the Department of Chemistry.
The Brock Senate approved the new program in December 1990 and the first students were admitted into the co-major program in September 1991.

From its launch in 1991,  the Centre developed into a solid academic unit and relied on the considerable efforts of a number of women (and several men) academics, none of whom were permanently appointed to the Centre.
The first appointment to the Centre was made in January 2003 with the appointment of Dr. Ana Isla to the Centre for Women’s Studies and the Department of Sociology.  In July 2006, Dr. Margot Francis was appointed to the Centre and to the Department of Sociology.

The Centre is headed by a Director who reports to the Dean of Social Sciences. To date, there have been 8 directors: Dr. Cecilia Reynolds (Education); Dr. June Corman (Sociology); Dr. Maureen Connolly (Physical Education); Dr. Roberta Robb (Economics); Dr. Sharon Abbey (Education); Professor Merijean Morrissey (Visual Arts); Dr. Christine Daigle (Philosophy); Dr. Shannon Moore (Child and Youth Studies). The current Director is Dr. Trent Newmeyer (Recreation & Leisure Studies)

The Centre for Women's and Gender Studies is dedicated to the memory of the fourteen women students whose deaths in 1989 at the École Polytechnique dramatized the need for a greater understanding of systemic and structural violence against women both locally and globally