Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies

Examine how social constructions of gender shape institutions, ideology, language, culture and society and explore diverse women’s histories, intellectual contributions and perspectives.

Our programs are relevant to a variety of careers and will provide you with a unique perspective on the complex ways identity and power relations shape our society.

Students in Women’s and Gender Studies are invited to develop a critical awareness of how gender, race, indigeneity, class and sexuality intersect and affect cultural expression, human interaction, ecological systems and power relations.

Our focus is on the transnational feminist exploration of the ways gender intersects with different variables to produce the complexity of women’s and men’s lived experience. Our courses are open to all students at Brock University, allowing students to explore the ways gendered experience is produced as a culturally variable and historically contingent category.

A degree in Women’s and Gender Studies will prepare you for a wide variety of careers including:

  • Family and youth counsellor
  • Social worker
  • Media and art coordinator
  • Personnel management
  • Sexual violence prevention coordinator
  • Government and community policy maker
  • International relations and development liaison
  • Global activist (poverty, health, education)

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