Women's and Gender Studies

Centre for Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies

What is women's and gender studies?

Our program is relevant to a variety of careers and will provide you with a unique perspective on the complex ways identity and power relations shape our society. Students in Women's and Gender Studies are invited to develop a critical awareness of how gender, race, indigeneity, class and sexuality intersect and affect cultural expression, human interaction, ecological systems and power relations ? for both men and women.

Our focus is on the transnational feminist exploration of the ways gender intersects with different variables to produce the complexity of women's and men's lived experience. Course work in our program will allow students to explore the ways gendered experience is produced as a culturally variable and historically contingent category.

Our courses are open to students in every faculty. Our instructors are specialists in various traditional disciplines whose research provide a gender analysis. The Women's and Gender Studies Program thus draws upon a rich source of experience and expertise to explore how gender shapes institutions, ideology, language, arts and culture.

Why study women's and gender studies at brock?

Choice & Flexibility: Single major, co-major, minor or certificate options designed to meet students? individual interests and needs including independent study options

Excellence & Innovation: Award winning instructors committed to feminist scholarship and teaching styles emphasizing diversity, equality and the subjective voice

Smaller Classes: Seminars are an integral component of your courses, and will provide you with the opportunity to develop valuable critical thinking, analytical and presentation skills in a small group setting

Generous Student Bursaries, Grants and Scholarships?We recognize and celebrate the academic excellence and achievements of our students participating in university and external communities by offering different scholarships, grants and bursaries.

Courses Across Disciplines: Courses cross-listed in a range of disciplines within social sciences and humanities expose students to a variety of disciplines, methodologies, approaches and background for a wide range of careers.