Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film


The following list includes the authors and project titles of graduates of the MA in Popular Culture. Titles in red can be accessed in full by clicking through to the Brock University Digital Repository.

Acting American: Authenticity and Performance in Popular Music
by Samantha Whatley
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Genre and Gender in 21st Centure Visions of Sherlock Holmes
by Jennifer Lackey
supervised by Martin Danahay

This Is My Niagara: Using Structure of Feeling for Youth Retention Policy
by Savanna Schaus
supervised by Jackie Botterill

Bodies in (e)Motion: Embodied Phenomenology, Empathy and the Film Body in Black Swan (Darren Aronofsky, 2010)
by Stephanie Clayton
supervised by Barry Grant 

Rhythm of Videogames: The Impact of Aesthetic and Kinestethic Entrainment on Videogame Players
by Joshua Augustino
supervised by Bohdan Nebesio

Nomadic Feminism, Hip Hop Journalism and the Black Female Experience: No One Will Speak For Us But Ourselves
by Tamar Faber
supervised by Hans Skott-Myhre

Semiotic analysis and content analysis on newspaper tourism advertising from 1911-2011 that depicts the change in representation of ethnic diversity
by Tinu Silva
supervised by Russell Johnston

In Search of the Miraculous: Towards a New Understanding of Popularity and Authorship in Popular Music
by Geoff Lawson
supervised by Scott Henderson

A Textual Analysis of Holocaust Narratives: Understanding How Memoirs, Novels, and Films Promote Remembrance
by Shelby O'Donnell
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski

Requiem in 8-Bit: Experiences of Death, Genre and Violence in Harvester
by Daniel Barnowski
supervised by Michael Berman

Radio: Is Anybody Listening? Convergence and the Liveliness of the Original Wireless
by Melissa Joseph Hill
supervised by Russell Johnston

Teenage Dirtbags: Parent-Teen Conflict and Ideology on Friday Night Lights, The O.C., and Gilmore Girls
by Katie Rankin
supervised by Marian Bredin

Exploring the Culture of Nerds in Napoleon Dynamite, Youth in Revolt, and Superbad: How the Nerd Took Over Hollywood
by Michelle Hakimyar
supervised by Christie Milliken

Reality TV, Audiencehood & Contemporary Culture Industries: A Study of MTV's 16 and Pregnant as 'Exploitainment-Education'
by Carolyn Goard
supervised by Derek Foster

Big on the Internet: Branding Yourself Famous With Social Media
by Alexandra Macgregor
supervised by Derek Foster

Indie 2.0: Independent Film Distribution and Marketing in an Age of Media Convergence
by Jeff Parker
supervised by Christie Milliken

"Pledging Their Love to the Ground": The Metamodernism Hypothesis and the Films of the Coen Brothers 
by Armand Khambatta
supervised by Scott Henderson

Representations and Constructions of Class Difference during the Economic Recession in Vogue's Fashion Advertising 
by Shelbi Robson
supervised by Jackie Botterill

My Poetry Hails within the Streets, My Poetry Fails to be Discrete: Examining Belonging and Identity in Southern Ontario Diasporic Hip-Hop Music
by Ola Mohammed
supervised Scott Henderson

The Lost Story of Mr. Nobody: The Raw Shark Texts and Playing Novels in Urban Space
by Anthony Minichilli
supervised by Sherryl Vint

There is Something More To Our Agency: Harnessing the Power of Supernatural Fandom and Bringing Hope to Haiti
by Mariel Concepcion
supervised by Sherryl Vint

From Sherlock Holmes to "Heisei" Holmes: Counter Orientalism and Post Modern Parody in Aoyama Gosho's Detective Conan Manga Series
by Mimi Okabe
supervised by Marilyn Rose

Experiencing the Real and Fake in Twilight town: Tourism if Forks, Washington
by Justine Moller
supervised by Derek Foster

Not Necessarily the News, Eh? Negotiating Canadian News Parody
by Geraldine Jones
supervised by Sarah Matheson

"I'm Your Biggest Fan, I'll Follow You..." Lady Gaga, Little Monsters and the Religious Dimension of Fandom in Pop Music
by Keri Ferencz
supervised by Hans Skott-Myhre

Dexter's Dark Desires, Moody's Multiple Mistresses: Contemplating the Pressures of Hegemonic Masculinities in Showtime's Dexter and Californication
by Nicole Lemieux
supervised by Sarah Matheson

An Aesthetic of Rebellion: The Formal Deviations of The Manchurian Candidate and The Parallax View
by Matthew Thompson
supervised by Jim Leach

"Cup of tea, cup of tea, almost got shagged": Being a man in a feminist coming of age story: Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
by Laura Berger
supervised by Sherryl Vint

The Joke's on You, Bats! The Joker's Disengagement with Institutional Myth in The Dark Knight, Batman, and The Killing Joke 
by Paul Sawchuk
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski

OUH8It2?: A Discourse Analysis of Txt Msging in Popular Culture
by Shakira Lynch
supervised by Tim Dun

Message in a Bottle: Analysis of Niagara Region Winery Websites' Constructions of "Local"
by Holly Gibson
supervised by Derek Foster

Remembering Jimi Hendrix: Memory, Meaning and the Posthumous Album
by Jeffrey McMahon
supervised by Scott Henderson

Blood, Sweat and Cheers: Absurdist Crime Films and Contemporary Society 
by Christopher Meisner
supervised by Jim Leach

'All the best cowboys have daddy issues': (Post)Oedipal Fatherhood and Subjectivity in ABC's Lost
by Gozde Kilic
supervised by Sarah Matheson

Representations of Swinging London in 1960s British Cinema: Blowup (1966), Smashing Time (1967) and Performance (1970) 
by Marlie Centawer Huisman
supervised by Jim Leach

The Content and Reception of Weeds 
by Emily Barriere
supervised by Dale Bradley

Gods, Monsters and Robots: The Mythopoesis of the Prometheus Myth 
by Alisa Cunnington
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski

The New Blockbuster Film Sequel: Changing Cultural and Economic Conditions within the Film Industry 
by Jessica Bay
supervised by Bohdan Nebesio

There and Back Again: The Construction of Nostalgia in Advanced Adventures 
by Darren Crouse
supervised by Greg Gillespie

Still the Working Man's Game? The Bosman Ruling and the Political Economy of European Football, 1995-2010 
by Andrea Bove
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Consuming media piracy: A study of pirated media consumers
by Trina Joyce Sajo
supervised by Jennifer Good

Little Britain: Buying (into) Anglophilia in Niagara-on-the-Lake
by Michael Plato
supervised by Russell Johnston

"Exterminate!": Hate, Evil and the Daleks of Doctor Who
by Audra Gordon
supervised by Jim Leach

"But They'll Turn Our Children Gay!" A Rhetorical-Frame Analysis of the Videos that Passed Proposition 8
by Jeffrey DeViller
supervised by Jackie Botterill

Wanna Be On Top?: Naturalizing Neoliberalism and Self-Branding America's Next Top Model
by Andrea Ruehlicke
supervised by Derek Foster

Borderlands and Boundary Consciousness in Geoff Ryman's Air: Or, Have Not Have: (Post)Cyberpunk and the 'New Mestiza'
by Malisa Kurtz
supervised by Sherryl Vint

The Battle for Potential: The Baroque Age of the Superhero Film and its Mythic Legacy
by Chris Caskie
supervised by Barry Grant

Peeking Through the Opomulero Lens: Tunde Kelani's Women on Centre Stage
by Jumoke Isekeije  
supervised by Christie Milliken

Staging Global Media Spectacle: A Comparison of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony on CCTV, NBC and CBC
by Yang Zhang
supervised by Marian Bredin

"What is this? A Rulebook?": Reading Austen on Film
by Mariam Esseghaier
supervised by Barbara Seeber

 "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, But Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely": A Feminist Analysis of Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix in Comics and Film
by Shelley Smarz
supervised by Sarah Matheson

Post World War II Retro Pin-Up Culture: Reconstructing Fantasy
by Agata Tarkowski
supervised by Jackie Botterill

Manufacturing Authenticity: A Case Study of the Niagara Wine Cluster
by Caroline Charest
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

"I'm Not a Person to Them, I'm a Thing": Posthumanism, Subjectivity, and Battlestar Galactica
by Zak Bronson
supervised by Sherryl Vint

"A Bit of the Old Ludwig Van": The Affective Potential of Film Music as 'Sound-Image' in the Kubrick ouevre
by Liam Young
supervised by Bohdan Nebesio

Codes of Manhood: Fantasy Football Magazines and the Discourse of Masculinity
by Kristopher Brockelbank
supervised by Greg Gillespie

Foucault, Power and the Royal Mistress: A Middle-Class Discourse
by Rick Boutin
supervised by Jim Leach

Bonds Away: Baseball Mythology and the 2007 Home Run Chase
by Matthew Ventresca
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

"Man of Science, Man of Faith": Lost, Consumer Agency and the Fate/Free Will Binary in the Post-9/11 Context
by Susan Tkachuk
supervised by Scott Henderson

Playing With Gender: Resident Evil Online as Co-Creative Media
by Joanna S. Robinson
supervised by Dale Bradley

'I Might Be A Duck, But I'm Human': An Analysis of Clothing in Disney Cartoons
by Luke Dubin
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Two War Scandals: News in the Age of Empire
by Jason Legge
supervised by Hans Skott-Myhre

'Soul Power': Archiving Sampled Sounds and Pursuing Cultural Capital
by AJ Fashbaugh
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Monstrous Adolescence: Rethinking Sexuality and Gender in the Development of the Teen Slasher Genre
by Ana Petrovic
supervised by Christie Milliken

Dinner of the Dead: Consumption and Consumerism in the Horror Film; An Analysis of Fido
by Armando Alfaro
supervised by Barry Grant

'The Whole Earth as Village': A Chronotopic Analysis of Marshall McLuhan's Global Village and Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner
by Nicole Maggio
supervised by Jim Leach

Six Impossible Things: Supernatural, Fandom and Recontextualizing Gender
by Stephanie Morgan
supervised by Derek Foster

'Canada's Toughest Neighbourhood': Surveillance, Myth and Orientalism in Jane-Finch
by Christopher Richardson
supervised Hans Skott-Myhre

Theorizing It: Paris Hilton, the Celebutante, and the It Girl Lifestyle
by Kristin Robbins
supervised by Sarah Matheson

Steeltown Scene: Genre, Performance and Identity in the Alternative Independent Music Scene in Hamilton, Ontario
by Joshua Holt
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Animating a Nation: Giving Life to the Imagined Citizen
by Patrick McIlroy
supervised by Jim Leach

The Backwoods to Our Backyards: Ontarian Pioneers and the Crisis of Ecology
by Michael Pereira
supervised by Jennifer Good

Produced Subjectivities and Productive Subjects: Locating the Affective Potential of the Self-Reflective Blog
by Zorianna Zurba
supervised by Dale Bradley

Revisiting Girlhood: Defining a Postmodern/Popular Feminist Culture
by Nicolette Cosburn
supervised by Shauna Pomerantz

Evolving Laugh Tracks
by Ashley Dell
supervised by Derek Foster

Instruments of Control: Technology and CSI
by Christopher Lynch
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski

The Individual Embodied Social Cyborg: Combining Psychological and Cultural Approaches to Assess the Potential of Online Communities to Alter Participants' Gender-Based Perceptions
by Catherine Houlahan
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

The Smart Films of Todd Solondz: Coming of Age With A Vengeance
by Nicole Lewis
supervised by Christie Milliken

Picturing Mortality: Images of Death in Popular Cinema
by Curtis Maloley
supervised by Barry Grant

Heroes on the Home Front: Heroism and Virtue in Post-9/11 American Cinema
by Joy Poliquin
supervised by Darrell Varga

You Get What You Pay For: Independent Music and Canadian Public Policy
by Jennifer Testa
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Through Sigurd's Portal: Hegemonic-Liminality in the Medieval Norse Diasporas
by Trudy Tattersall
supervised by Rosemary Hale

Melting the Matrices: structure, anti-structure, and the emerging conversation 
by Matt Masters
supervised by Rosemary Hale

Monstrum: The Vampire in the Detective Story
by Caroline Stikkelbroeck
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski

Comics Carnet: The Graphic Novelist as Global Nomad
by Ed Bader
supervised by Marian Bredin

Buying Britney: Pop Culture Icons to Cultural Brands
by Markian Saray
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

"What ever happened to breakdancing?" Transnational B-Boy/B-Girl Networks, Underground Video Magazines and Imagined Affinities
by Mary Fogarty
supervised by Andy Bennett

Metal Music as Critical Dystopia: Humans, Technology and the Future in 1990s Science Fiction Metal
by Laura Taylor
supervised by Barry Grant

A Tale of Two Childhoods: The Virtual Child and the Real Child in Romania, 1970s and 1980s
by Laura Visan
supervised by Marian Bredin

Where's Albania? Staking Out the Politics of the Real and Reality in Documentary Cinema
by Graeme Metcalf
supervised by Jim Leach

Slackers, Slashers and Sticklers: Hollywood Films and Audience Reception
by Sarah Bradley
supervised by Jim Leach

The Last Resort: Spa Therapy and the Docile Body in Victorian St. Catharines
by Lynne Prunskus
supervised by Mike Ripmeester

Popular Romance Novels: Seeking Out the 'Sisterhood'
by Tania Fera-Van Gent
supervised by Glenwood Irons

The Bond Girl Phenomenon: Defining the Female Protagonists of the James Bond Films
by Lisa Funnell
supervised by Jennifer Good

The Encounter with The Real and Post-Soviet Trauma: Fantasy Construction in Russian Popular Cinema
by Olga Klimova
supervised by Jim Leach

The New Woman, Femininity and Modernity in Margery Allingham's Detective Novels of the 1930s
by Carol Bott
supervised by Marilyn Rose

American Desi: Reflection and Reproduction in the Diaspora
by Naveen Joshi
supervised by Marian Bredin

Marginal/Minority Popular Music: The Concept of the 'Third Space' and the Case for 'Hybridities' of Cultures/Identities
by Hema Chetty
supervised by Nick Baxter-Moore

Buddy Films and Gender Identity: Representing the Bonds of Masculinity
by Jodi Mason
supervised by Barry Grant

The Midnight Express Phenomenon: A Historical Materialist Approach to the Reception of the Film Midnight Express
by Dilek Kaya Mutlu
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski

Morality, Metanarratives and Mea Culpa: Postmodern Problems in Law and Order
by Andrea Brathwaite
supervised by Jeannette Sloniowski