Media and Communication Studies

Are you interested in studying how people communicate, ways that social structures affect communication, or how new technologies are changing human communications?

The Media and Communication Studies program focuses on the impact of media and communication in the creation of meaning, identity and social change. The program emphasizes the study of media content, audiences and institutions in their political, economic and social contexts in Canada and elsewhere.

You may study how digital technologies impact human communication in our concentration in Digital Culture.

Experiential learning opportunities are available through various program courses.

  • BA in Media and Communication Studies
  • BA in Communication Studies/Journalism Diploma (Mohawk College)
  • BA in Communication Studies/Public Relations Diploma (Mohawk College)
  • Minors in Media Studies, Digital Culture or Popular Culture

Expected cut-off: mid 70s

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Career outcomes

  • Director of communications
  • Public relations officer
  • Journalist
  • Media consultant
  • Intellectual property, copyright and media law

Prerequisite requirements

  • English (ENG 4U)