ATM Safety Tips

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ATM Safety Tips

ATM cash machines are a way of life for most of us. They offer convenience on the run, but at the same time, an element of risk.

Using an ATM machine safely requires awareness of surroundings and some planning. Most robberies usually occur at night between 8 p.m. and midnight. The victims are usually women who were alone at the time and claim that they never even saw the robber coming.
When choosing an ATM location, ensure that it is not in a remote or hidden area and that it is open to public view. Limit your use of them to daylight hours and take someone with you after hours if you can.

Should you see anyone acting suspicious standing nearby or in a car, drive or walk away. When you do go to an ATM machine, have your access card ready and memorize your PIN number.

If your suspicions are alerted, there is a reason for it. Terminate your transaction and leave immediately, even if it means leaving your ATM card in the machine. If you are confronted, give up the money without an argument. The cash is NOT worth serious injury or death. Get to a safe place and call the police immediately.


In short, follow these simple safety tips

  • Only use ATM machines in well lit, open, high traffic areas
  • Avoid ATM machines that are in obvious hiding places
  • Check the area before you approach the machine
  • Have your card ready and leave quickly
  • Do not count your cash in public
  • Leave immediately if your instincts tell you so
  • Don't argue with a robber if confronted, give up the cash
  • Go to a safe place and call the police immediately
  • Cover buttons as you enter you PIN - now there are scanners to obtain PINs