About us

The role of the Brock University Campus Safety Services is to enhance the quality of life on the campus by working co-operatively with the community.

The responsibilities of the service are crime prevention and to preserve the peace of the campus community. Our duty is to investigate all crimes and disturbances, enforce federal, provincial and University statutes, apprehend offenders, and provide assistance to the Victims of Crime. These responsibilities are met through the community-based security model which means that the service is active within and responsive to the campus community. Campus Safety Services supports the goals of the University and respects the dignity, worth, and diversity of all persons.

Campus Safety Services will strive to establish itself as a leader in security services, which will enhance the quality of life for the Brock community by utilizing innovative technology, community-oriented crime prevention and growing strategic University and community partnerships.

Brock University Campus Safety Services are institutional members of IACLEA (International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators), OACUSA (Ontario Association of College and University Security Administrators), and regular members of the OACP (Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police).

Mission Statement

Brock University Campus Safety Services is a dedicated team of experienced and skilled professionals who provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for Brock by preserving the peace, protecting life and property, preventing crime, and promoting community-oriented services.