Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located in the Kenmore Centre (KC103) within the Campus Safety Office.  Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30.

Campus Safety Services is a 24-hour operation, should you arrive after office hours please use the call button in our lobby.  An officer will assist.

Lost and Found FAQ's

Many items are found across campus and brought to KC103 such as:

  • Bank/credit cards
  • Student cards, driver’s licences and health cards
  • Clothing
  • Backpacks
  • USB, earphones, cords, calculators
  • Textbooks
  • Water bottles
  • Eye glasses

We will hold onto property for 30 days, please attend the Kenmore Centre (KC103) for inquiries.

Our office staff will look for anything that identifies your property with you, we will check the student system and contact you via your Brock email.

If you have been to the lost and found office to report the card lost, we will contact you directly.

If you have not, we will hold the card for one week and return it to the Brock Card office TH221A.

With a cost of $35.00 to replace the card, we suggest waiting if possible to buy a new one.  The cards are returned to our office by the transit and the Pen Centre quite frequently.  If you have flex dollars or a meal plan on your card, it is best to deactivate the card until it is back in your possession. https://brocku.ca/dining-services/brock-card/manage-your-account/

  • Recheck your steps to look for your lost item.  We do have a great community and many items are returned to KC103.
  • If you have tracking capabilities use the find my phone apps.
  • Complete a lost claim form in KC 103 or online through the Campus Safety website

Upon receipt our staff will look to identify the owner, we will contact you via your Brock email or phone number if you have completed a lost claim form.

DO NOT leave laptops unattended in the library or anywhere on campus. These are instruments for your education and are not to be left alone lightly. If you need to use the washroom or find study material, pack your items up and take them with you.

It is important to understand that our officers do patrols regularly and there are cameras, sadly this does not deter all thefts.

Your student number consists of 7 digits, mark your items with this number, it is only identifiable to you by Brock University staff.  This will help Campus Safety Service will reunite you with lost items.

All items are to be returned to our office.

The Cage, Welcome Desk in the Walker Complex and the Computer Commons are areas that may hold onto items before sending them to Campus Safety.

Please complete the form to notify our office of your lost item.  Should it be returned, we will contact you with the information provided.