Shield Against Bike Theft

Bike theft is a $500 million annual epidemic in North America- a bike is stolen every 30 seconds.

Thousands of bicycles are recovered every year by law enforcement in Ontario and go unclaimed, they are sent for auction when the owner does not claim them or the owner is unknown.

Protect your investment. Register your bicycle(s) with 529 Garage to aid law enforcement in reuniting your stolen bike with you if it is recovered.

How to register your bicycle:

  1. Download the 529 Garage smartphone application, visit or to record the important details of your bicycle and critical photos or,
  2. Stop in at the Brock University Campus Security office in the Kenmore Centre or your local police station in Niagara to obtain a 529 tamperproof shield with a unique code that lets thieves know your bicycle is registered and aids law enforcement in reuniting recovered bikes with their owners.


  1. File a report with the Niagara Regional Police
  2. Go into the 529 Garage app and select the bike from your garage and tap the missing bike, after answering a few questions 529 Garage will alert the 529 network and social media.

If you find your bike being sold online, never attempt to recover it yourself, contact the police and advise them you have located your stolen bike being sold online.


  1. Always use a high-quality lock designed for bicycles.
  2. Avoid inexpensive cable and chain locks.
  3. Never lock only the top tube or only one wheel.
  4. Never leave your bike in an unsecured garage.
  5. Lock a wheel and the frame to a bike parking structure.
  6. Adding accessory cables can prevent bike prowls, this requires multiple tools to defeat.
  7. Lock your bike in a well-lit area.
  8. Never leave your bike unattended for multiple days at a time.