Degree Completion Requirements

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Degree Completion Requirements

The PhD program is designed as a 4-year program involving a combination of course work, a comprehensive examination, an original research program, and the writing and subsequent defence of a thesis.

Students must take two required half-courses and two optional half-courses. The courses will be chosen in consultation with the candidate's advisor, but will normally include:

  • AHSC 7P00 (PhD seminar in Applied Health Sciences);
  • one of AHSC 7P17 (Advanced Qualitative Analysis) or AHSC 7P27 (Advanced Biostatistics in Applied Health Science Research);
  • and two half-credit course electives.

Students may choose a Selected Research Topic or Directed Study course, or a graduate level course (number 5(alpha)00 or above) from any graduate program in the University, to fulfill their two elective course requirements.

In addition, the student must complete a comprehensive examination that includes both an oral and written component, a formal defence of a thesis proposal. Once the research is complete and the thesis written, the student must defend the thesis in both an internal Faculty oral defence and a formal University oral defence.

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