2022-2023 Undergraduate Calendar

Services for Students and Academic Support  
Welcome to Brock University! We are pleased to share with you information about our full array of academic programs, profiles of our students and faculty, an overview of our residences and the range of services we offer. Brock is committed to providing an exceptional student experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Our dedicated and dynamic faculty will engage you in learning, research and scholarship. The seminar system will give you an opportunity to develop and refine your academic skills. Our student services programs are designed to support your transition to university and to help you excel throughout your studies. Brock is indeed more than a place to study. We offer you an enriched, safe, inclusive environment where you can form new friendships, gain valuable extracurricular experiences, and become part of a vibrant community.  
1. Brock International Services Go to top of document
intlstudents@brocku.ca 905 688 5550 x4785 brocku.ca/international/current/international-services/ The role of Brock International Services is to equip both international and Canadian students with the tools and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly diverse and competitive education structure and global economy. We offer a wide range of programs and services for international students to adjust to a new academic life at Brock and to life in Canada. We also offer several programs and opportunities for all students, designed to increase cultural competency development through global engagement with our international partners. Students are encouraged to take advantage of international exchange and field study opportunities around the world and bring their learning home to Brock and contribute to our global learning environment. https://brocku.ca/international/mobility/outbound/  
2. Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum and ExperienceBU Go to top of document
experiencebu@brocku.ca MCA 204 brocku.ca/experiencebu Get Involved. Get Connected. Experience Brock University! ExperienceBU is your gateway to the Brock experience. Find and connect to student clubs and organizations, events, workshops, communities, services and supports, and co-curricular experiences. If it is happening at Brock, it is on ExperienceBU! And it's only a click away. Check out what's happening on experiencebu.brocku.ca or in the Brock University Mobile App and get involved! While you are getting involved at Brock, why not get recognized? Showcase your involvement and skill development to potential employers. Complete domains in the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) to earn recognition on the Brock University Certificate of Engagement and track your co-curricular experiences on the Student Experience Record (SER), Brock's official co-curricular record. Getting involved is easy- start by logging into experiencebu.brocku.ca. You don't need to sign up for the CWC, it's already waiting for you to explore the range of activities available to complete in ten domains. Look for it in your Paths section. It's time to get involved, challenge yourself, and try new things. Learn more at brocku.ca/experiencebu or log into experiencebu.brocku.ca today!  
3. Daycare Centre Go to top of document
daycare@brocku.ca 905 688 5550, x3515 brocku.ca/daycare The Rosalind Blauer Centre for Child Care offers licensed child care for 56 children from three months to five years of age, 12 months per year. The Centre offers a full-time program and is open to everyone in the community. Our wait list is broken down into three categories of priority: first priority -- Brock Univeristy Undergraduate Students, second priority -- Brock University Staff/Faculty/Graduate Students, third priority -- Community Members. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 6 p.m. Due to the pandemic, our hours have been changed to 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Centre is a non-profit charitable organization and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. All of the staff are qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators and members of the College of Early Childhood Education. We provide a nature based program that is rich in literacy. We also offer a Kinder Forest School Program that provides our 4-year-old children with opportunity to explore the rich natural environment on the property of the university from September to June. This program is not a Board of Education Kindergarten Classroom. The Child Care Centre is located in a large well-equipped building. Subsidy is available through the Niagaera Region, Children's Services for families who qualify. The wait list for the centre is about a year to eighteen months. It is very important that you get on the wait list as soon as possible. Due to the Pandemic, we are not currently offering centre tours. Families will have the opportunity to tour the centre once they have been offered a space.  
4. Information Technology Services Go to top of document
905 688 5550 x4357 Mackenzie Chown Complex F303 brocku.ca/its Brock University's Information Technology Services (ITS) works closely with students, faculty and staff to support the academic and administrative work in our community. Our mission is to provide top-quality service and technological solutions to enable you to study, research and work more effectively and efficiently. ITS provides students, faculty, and staff with technology resources and support teaching, research, and administrative services. These services include support for desktop computing, the campus high-speed network, classroom audio visual, telephone and video conferencing, administrative and academic systems, network identity management ("Campus ID"), and portal access. The Campus Store and Computer Commons Help Desk locations are available to support students, faculty, and staff. Help Desk staff assist the University community with hardware issue resolution, technology purchasing recommendations, remote access, software licenses for faculty and staff, and printing.  
5. Instructional Resource Centre Go to top of document
WH 222 905 688 5550 x3357 https://brocku.ca/education/student-resources/irc/ The Instructional Resource Centre are key to Brock University's Faculty of Education located at both the St. Catharines and Hamilton Campuses. Each IRC provides specialized K-12 instructional resources and media services required to support the students, instructors, faculty and staff across the Faculty of Education. A circulating collection of historical Master of Education projects and theses are located at the St. Catharines Campus. Media Services includes production areas with a 3D printer, laminator, lettering systems, button maker and equipment to produce teaching aids. Classroom media services are provided at the Hamilton Campus. The IRC is open to educators and members of the University community.  
6. Office of Human Rights and Equity Services Go to top of document
humanrights@brocku.ca 905 688 5550 x6859 brocku.ca/humanrights Human Rights and Equity envisions a Brock Community where everyone takes responsibility for promoting and protecting human rights; where everyone is valued and treated with dignity and respect; and, everyone's human rights are a lived reality. Human Rights and Equity works to promote an inclusive and accessible learning, working and living environment at Brock. The key functions of the office are to:
- Provide information and training to the university community to increase awareness about the importance of promoting a respectful work and learning environment;
- Assist individuals with issues of harassment, discrimination and bullying, to understand the range of options available for responding and help them to pursue a resolution to the situation that works for them.
The Office can assist you with a wide range of individual concerns, including:
- Sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence;
- Human rights harassment and/or discrimination (based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, gender identity/gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status and disability;
- General harassment and/or bullying, workplace harassment and online harassment.
The University has a variety of policies, procedures and codes of conduct that prohibit students, staff and faculty from harassing, bullying or discriminating against other students, staff or faculty members. Contact with the office is a confidential service. Our staff will work with you to decide on an approach to resolution that works for you, often making use of alternative dispute resolution techniques that allow the parties to rebuild their relationship in a more positive, respectful way.
7. Office of the Registrar Go to top of document
Schmon Tower 301 brocku.ca/registrar The Office of the Registrar strives to provide a high level of quality services that support enrolment, progression, and graduation of Brock students. We serve as the principal custodian of all confidential student enrolment data, including course registration, grades, and address information. Our office has contact with students form the point of application for admission through to graduation and beyond as well as academic counselling and general student finances. The Office of the Registrar is located on the third-floor of Schmon Tower and is comprised of the following units:
- Academic Advising and Exploration Services (brocku.ca/academic-advising/find-your-advisor/)
- Admissions (brocku.ca/admissions)
- Recruitment and Liaison Services (discover.brocku.ca)
- Scheduling; Examinations and Classrooms (brocku.ca/registrar/toolkit/exams)
- Student Information (brocku.ca/central)
- Student Records and Registration (records@brocku.ca)
Hours of operation, please visit: https://brocku.ca/registrar/contact/
8. Residence Go to top of document
905 688 5550, x3370 res@brocku.ca brocku.ca/residence The Brock residence system can accommodate approximately 2,500 students on campus in eight buildings or complexes. There are four styles of residences: traditional, semi-suite, suite and townhouse style. Students living in the traditional or semi-suite residences are accommodated in "halls" or "houses". Those living in townhouses or suites typically share a unit with three or four other students. Residence rooms are furnished with necessities and all have wireless internet connectivity. There are two 24/7 Service Desks to provide support to the residence community. Residence Life is monitored and facilitated by the Residence Life Staff (RLS). The RLS are upper year students who are assigned responsibility for sections (house, hall, court, block) within each residence complex. The RLS endeavours to create a sense of community within the residences. They are also available to answer questions, assist with any challenges and provide direction.  
9. Student Awards and Financial Aid Go to top of document
Schmon Tower 301 brocku.ca/safa/ A variety of scholarships and bursaries are available to students of various majors and year levels. A scholarship is awarded for scholastic achievement, while a bursary is awarded on the basis of financial need. Students can research, apply for, and check the status of scholarships and bursaries offered at Brock through the Student Accounts and Financial Aid website.  
10. Student Life and Success Go to top of document
Student Success Centre, TH 129 Student Involvement Commons, MCA 204 Faith and Life Centre, Alphie's Trough 905-688-5550 x 5774 brocku.ca/student-life-success Student Life and Success is here to support your success both inside and outside the classroom. We offer programs and services that support your orientation to Brock, academic success, campus involvement, leadership development, community engagement and volunteerism, off-campus living, as well as your relgious, faith-based, or secular identities. So, drop by and let us support you in creating the many awesome moments that shape an exceptional Brock Student Experience. Below are just some of the ways we can support your success at Brock University:  
I. A-Z Learning Services Go to top of document
We provide support for a broad range of challenges including exam preparation, time management, writing skills, notetaking, citation and more. Services include academic and life skills workshops, drop-in help from upper-year students, and a variety of academic resources. We also offer course-specific tutoring on a pay-per-hour basis.  
II. Faith and Life Go to top of document
We offer a wide variety of religious, spiritual, and secular supports and provide a safe and inclusive community space for all students, staff, and faculty that call Brock home. No matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome here. The Faith and Life Centre in Alphie's Trough is a space for all students, and all student clubs -- religious or otherwise. Part of the space is designated as a drop-in-quiet study space, while the other half is primarily used for religious practices, i.e., prayer groups, Bible studies, and discusson group. Alphie's Trough is also homne to the Muslim Prayer Room.
III. Leadership Development Go to top of document
We support your skill development through a variety of programs, such as Brock Leads, Building Leaders, and our flagship professional development series Foundations in Leadership. Gain skills now that employers will be looking for when you graduate!  
IV. Orientation and First-year Experience Go to top of document
We know your first year at university is an exciting time and we want to help you get the most out of your time as a Brock Badger. Through a series of programs, like BU101, LEAP, and Engagement Communities, your orientation experience will provide you with opportunities to meet your classmates, develop friendships, and learn about the academic and student support services Brock University offers, and ways to get involved. As you continue in your first-year experience, we offer a wide variety of programs and events designed to help connect you to resources, places, and people and orient you to life at Brock.  
V. Community Engagement and Volunteering Go to top of document
Getting involved in your community is just as important as getting involved on-campus and volunteering is a great way to meet new people, engage with the community and build your resume. We host a variety of opportunities throughout the year, including Brock Cares, Alternative Reading Week and VolunteerFest, for students to volunteer in the local community and beyond. Students are invited to join the Brock University Volunteer Association (BUVA) to connect with other like-minded students and to make a difference in the Niagara community. In addition, we coordinate more than 65 community events in which students, staff, faculty, and alumni can participate. Show your Brock spirit in a parade, be part of the Brock team at the Rankin Cancer Run or dress up on Halloween and collect food for Community Care at Trick or Eat!  
VI. Off-Campus Living Go to top of document
We support students who are living off-campus, commuting, or considering living off-campus. From finding accommodation to providing tools and resources to help you understand leases, we are here to help you have the best experience living off-campus. We are committed to working hand in hand with students, landlords, residents, and community partners to ensure all expectations of being a contributing member of our community are being met.  
VII. Students Affairs Go to top of document
Brock University is committed to providing a safe living and learning environment that promotes student success. There are many elements that contribute to student success. The Student Affairs team supports students through by leading the Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) team and the Non-Academic Misconduct process. The goal of the CARE team is to connect students with the appropriate service(s) that addresses their unique situation while providing the student with support to enable a healthy and successful academic and personal future. The Student Affairs team takes a restorative approach to administering the Student Code of Conduct https://brocku.ca/student-life-success/student-affairs/#student-code-of-conduct. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct are managed through the non-academic misconduct process wherein education and safety are prioritized. At all times, Students Affairs is here to help and support students.  
11. Aboriginal Student Services Go to top of document
905-688-5550 x 5883 TH 145A brocku.ca/aboriginal-student services Our goal is to help all status and non-status First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students make the transition to Brock University community. We offer services in a culturally sensitive manner and encourage you as an Aboriginal student to maintain your cultural identity within the university setting. Aboriginal Student Services strives to provide Aboriginal students with resources necessary to succeed in their academic studies at Brock University. We offer the following complimentary services: Writing and Numeracy Circles Aboriginal Specific Career Planning Tutoring Tailored Workshops One-to-one consultations Academic Referrals Library resources - books, videos, and DVDs Office resources - student centre, laptop lending, printing service, photocopying/faxing, and telephone service Elder in Residence (knowledge keeper) - provides cultural counselling, advising, traditional teachings, and awareness support to students/staff/faculty Cultural programming - Aboriginal Achievement Awards, Aboriginal speaker presentations, Aboriginal student luncheons, breadwork-mocassin making - woodburning workshops, etc.  
12. Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre Go to top of document
Director Sarah Pennisi  
I. Student Health Services Go to top of document
Harrison Hall 905 688 5550, x 3243 brocku.ca/health-services a) General Information

Don't feel you have to wait for a problem to arrive to visit Student Health Services.

A team of nurses and physicians provide comprehensive medical/clinical services as well as health education and counselling. We can help you with a medical problem, provide treatment or a referral, give allergy injections, or update your immunization. We provide health education and counselling on many issues including contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, nutritional or weight concerns, stress or lifestyle issues. OHIP, UHIP or other health insurance is needed to be seen by a physician. All visits and treatments are strictly confidential. b) Required Medical Documentation It is the University's policy to accept medical certificates from qualified medical practitioners attesting to a student's inability to write a test, examination etc. due to an incapacitating medical condition at the time of the scheduled test, examination etc. A medical certificate consists of Brock's medical exemption form, available for download on the University website, completed by both you and a qualified medical practitioner OR the certificate provided by Student Health Services. The University may, at its discretion, request more detailed documentation in certain cases. c) Student Health Services Policy Student Health Services will provide medical documentation only if:
- Medically warranted;
- The student presents him/herself to Student Health Services before the exam;
- The student is seen in our office the day of the exam.
If your exam is at a time of day when the Student Health Services is not open, then you must print the medical excuse form from the website and go to another medical facility to have the physician complete the documentation. d) Health Promotion The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre is also home to Brock's Peer Health Education Team. This team, in collaboration with the Health Educator, works to provide educational opportunities that inform students on a variety of health issues relevant to Brock students, with the aim of encouraging students to make choices that support their health and academic success. The Student Health and Wellness HUB located just off the Marketplace TH 134,is a space where students can drop in to chat with a Peer Health Educator, or other staff, about ways to improve their overall health and wellness. In addition, students will be given information and assistance connecting with a variety of resources and groups available on campus.
II. Services for Students with Disabilities Go to top of document
905 688 5550, x4122 Schmon Tower 400 brocku.ca/sas Brock encourages and supports the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of campus life. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides accommodations and services for students who require academic support due to the impact of a physical, medical, sensory, mental health or learning disability. All services and accommodations are determined on an individual basis, depending on documented needs. Services include:
- Support Services
- Adaptive Technology
- Library Services
- Accessible Facilities
- Attendant Care
Students are advised to contact the Student Accessibility Services early in the application process to exchange information about their needs and the services available. After being admitted to Brock, you must contact SAS to register for services, preferably before the beginning of term. Your case manager will review your needs and assist in setting up the accommodations and support services you require.
III. Personal Counselling Services Go to top of document
905 688 5550, x4750 Schmon Tower 400 brocku.ca/personal-counselling The Counselling staff offers confidential services for students who are experiencing personal/social difficulties while studying at Brock University. The majority of services are offered on an individual basis, however we do offer information sessions on various topics. With counselling support, most students not only resolve their immediate concerns, but also learn useful skills for dealing with future issues. If something is bothering you, there is someone who can help. You are not alone. Our counsellor/therapists offer free confidential, professional counselling. We are here to help you sort things out.  
13. University Library Go to top of document
905 688 5550, x 3226 libhelp@brocku.ca brocku.ca/library The Brock University Library provides access to a wealth of scholarly content in digital and print format, as well as helpful staff, a comfortable café and spaces for individual, collaborative and group study. The Library consists of several locations:
- The James A. Gibson Library (including the Matheson Learning Commons) on floors 2, 5-10 of the Schmon Tower;
- The Makerspace in the Rankin Family Pavilion (brocku.ca/library/makerspace);
- The Map, Data and GIS Library in Mackenzie Chown, Room C306 (brocku.ca/library/collections/mdg)
- The Archives & Special Collections on the 10th floor of Schmon Tower. (brocku.ca/library/collections/special-collections-archives)
Detailed information on the Library's extensive collections, services, and hours is available at brocku.ca/library.
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