Life-long Learning

In addition to our monthly speaker events, BURA provides additional learning opportunities for our members.

Brock University Senior’s Tuition Waiver

Students 60 years of age or older by the first week of class may request tuition waiver for undergraduate courses, excluding Faculty of Education Adult Education courses. Audit fees may also be eligible for waiver. The senior’s waiver does not cover graduate courses.

Tuition is the only fee waived. Students are still responsible for the payment of all ancillary fees, including per credit and sessional fees applicable for the course load taken. For further information please e-mail Brock Central at or phone 905 688 5550 x 3052 prior to registering for any course. Should the student not successfully complete a course or withdraw from a course, they will be required to pay the tuition or withdrawal fees.

Lifelong Learning Niagara

Lifelong Learning Niagara is a non-profit association for 50+ adults living in Niagara that offers educational programs and social events.

College & University Retiree Association of Canada (CURAC)

College and university retiree associations from across Canada post various educational opportunities specifically for seniors. Visit their Google calendar of events to see the upcoming opportunities.