Please join us

BURA – A Welcoming Social Group for Brock Retirees. The Brock University Retirees’ Association is an organized social group of Brock retirees who are extending this invitation to you to join them.

With approximately 200 members, BURA encourages the continuation of friendships initially established at Brock and hopes to spark fresh new ones through a series of entertaining and enlightening events and activities that are scheduled September through June. Please browse our website for further information pertaining to eligibility.

The current annual membership fee is $20 for the period July 1 through June 30th. Should you join BURA part way through a membership year the membership fee is pro-rated as follows:

  • Partial 1st Year Membership (January 1 to April 30) – Fee $10
  • Partial 1st Year Membership (May 1 to June 30) – Fee waived.

If you are eligible to join us but require more time to consider it, we would be happy to forward the next three publications of the BURA Newsletter to you without any commitment. The Newsletter is normally published in March, August and November and includes information about all of our events and other tidbits of information as items arise. Simply send us an email to the address below requesting the free one-year newsletter subscription. Please be sure to include your full name and the last Brock department you worked in. I promise, there are no strings attached.

Pat Cane
BURA Membership Facilitator