Frequently asked questions

Health and Travel Insurance

Once you are retired from Brock, you may wish to purchase a group health insurance plan since your Green Shield coverage will expire. The need for a group insurance plan varies by individual. If you opt to purchase a plan we recommend you select your plan well before your official retirement date.

BURA does not endorse any specific group insurance plans. Different plans have different eligibility requirements and different levels of coverage. We recommend you contact insurance providers directly for information, since benefits vary from plan to plan and may change over time. Consider your specific health needs, the cost of plans, and if you will require travel insurance.

Since Brock is an educational institution, all retirees, regardless of their position held, may be eligible for coverage under both the Retired Teachers Insurance Plan (RTIP), and the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) plan. Additionally, BURA members may be eligible for coverage under CORSANA. Many other plans are available, including SureHEALTH administered by Green Shield.

BURA is not involved in the administration of any group insurance plans. The links to the insurance providers’ websites above are for information purposes only. We suggest you contact insurers directly for information on their plans and eligibility requirements.

Immediately upon retirement, and on January 1 of every subsequent year, the University deposits a lump sum of money into former BUFA members’ Green Shield Health Care Spending Account (HCSA). This happens automatically and requires no action by members. Use your existing GSC ID number and password to log into your Green Shield account for more information.

Money in your HCSA can be used to pay health and dental benefit plan premiums as well as health-related expenses such as deductibles, co-pays, and costs not covered by your group insurance plan. If your application for insurance asks if you have additional insurance coverage do not list your HCSA since it is not insurance.

Note: Not all retired BUFA members are eligible to receive HCSA spending accounts. Information related to this will soon be added to Brock University Office of People & Culture site. We will add the link once it becomes available.

Brock Pension

BURA is not involved in the administration of the Brock University Pension Plan. All questions related to your Brock Pension should be addressed to the Manager, Pension & Benefits, People & Culture.