Research and Outreach

Faculty research in STAC involves students’ participation, includes outreach events, and privileges cooperative work.

The Research Centre in Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Culture facilitates the implementation of interdisciplinary methodologies in cooperative projects in the creative arts by establishing networks of researchers and creators across faculties at Brock and beyond the University.

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The Small Walker Press and related events (artists’ talks, zine workshops, etc.) are STAC contribution to the Walker Cultural Leader Series.

The Walker Cultural Leader series brings leading artists, performers, practitioners and academics to the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts at Brock University. Engaging, lively and erudite, these sessions celebrate professional achievement, artistic endeavour and the indelible role of culture in our society. This education program is generously funded by Marilyn I. Walker.

In November 2017, the artist, curator and art book maker, Bernhard Cella (House 21/ Belvedere and Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna, Austria) visited the Marilyn I. Walker School to demonstrate and perform contemporary book making (at Rodman Hall Art Centre) and host a book-making workshop at the Niagara Artists Centre.

In 2018, inspired by Bernhard Cella’s visit, STAC created the Small Walker Press whose objective is to produce books by members of the MIWSFPA and in the Humanities to promote the creative work of cultural leaders in our region. Fields covered include all disciplines or practices taught and researched at the School as well as programs that teach creative writing in the Humanities. These books may be single-authored or group contributions. Examples include but are not limited to: exhibition catalogues, artist’s books, creative writing, course-generated projects, (online) sound work. Publications may be in English, French or other languages. Additional objectives include: interdisciplinary cooperation, promotion of book culture, exploration of image and text, dissemination of knowledge, pedagogical participation, and students’ professionalization. Small Walker Press books are designed by Bernhard Cella.




Bernhard Cella, with Catherine Parayre. Interview for Studies in Arts and Culture, Walker Cultural Leader Series, Brock University. Recorded November 01, 2017. 14:05 min. Brock Radio 103.7 FM (Niagara, Canada), Tuesday 13 February 2018. 16:30.

Canadian Art canadien

“Canadian Art canadien” is a bilingual series produced for Freirad (, Austria and sponsored by the Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria with the technical support of Brock Radio. This series played on the first Tuesday of each month from Oct. 2017 to April 2018.

Each month, your host reports on an exhibition presented at Rodman Hall Art Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario, featuring the art of an emerging, mid-career or established Canadian artist. The visits will be bilingual, presented first in French, then in English.

Sponsor: Centre of Canadian Studies, U of Innsbruck, Austria 
Support: Embassy of Canada in Vienna, Austria and
Brock Radio, St. Catharines, Canada,

With permission of Freirad Radio.

Kanada / Nouvelles littéraires / and more

Culture, literature and music in a trilingual radio series (English, French, German), including interviews with Franco-Canadian authors, Austrian scientists on their connections with Canada, Canadians living in Austria, immigrants to Canada, an ambassador, a Canadian maker of documentary films, a Canadian graffiti artist, an Austrian wine dealer who specializes in Canadian wines, and many others.

The series aired in April-June 2017 on the independent radio station Freirad, Innsbruck, Austria,

Sponsor: Centre of Canadian Studies, U of Innsbruck, Austria
Support: Embassy of Canada in Vienna, Austria and
Brock Radio, St. Catharines, Canada,

With permission of Freirad

Culture, littérature et musique dans une série radio trilingue (anglais, français, allemand) : entretiens avec des auteurs franco-canadiens, des scientifiques autrichiens au sujet de leurs contacts avec le Canada, des Canadiens établis en Autriche, des immigrants installés au Canada, un ambassadeur, un réalisateur canadien de films documentaires, un graffiteur canadien, une négociante autrichienne spécialisée dans la vente de vins canadiens, et d’autres encore.

La série a été diffusée en avril-juin 2017 sur la station de radio indépendante Freirad à Innsbruck en Autriche,

Sponsor : Centre d’études canadiennes, U d’Innsbruck, Autriche
Support : Ambassade du Canada à Vienne en Autriche et
Radio Brock à St. Catharines au Canada,

Avec la permission de Freirad



The presence of photographs or drawings in a novel, a poem or a short story and, vice-versa, the inclusion of words in a painting, a photo, an image or a drawing often encourage readers and viewers to be creative in their interaction with the work. The association of texts and images is likely to bring forward aesthetic and emotional impressions, as well as various comments and interpretations. The space where text and image meet is always an expressive space because it is a comparative one.
ti< publishes creative works combining text and image.
All languages are welcome, including endangered languages. No translation is needed.

Dès qu’une photographie ou un dessin apparaît dans un roman, un poème ou une nouvelle, et vice-versa, dès que les mots surgissent dans un tableau, une photo, une image ou un dessin, lectrices et spectatrices, spectateurs et lecteurs sont appelé-e-s à se montrer créatifs et créatives.
La cohabitation de textes et d’images visuelles précipite les impressions esthétiques et émotives, les commentaires et les interprétations. L’espace qui marie texte et image est d’emblée un espace expressif car comparatif.
ti< publie des œuvres de création associant texte et image.
Toutes les langues sont acceptées, y compris les langues en danger. Aucune traduction n’est requise.

 Art-Brut Berge / Art-Brut Mountains / Les montagnes de l’art brut

Art Brut, Outsider Art, art by psychiatric patients… Art-brut artists invent creative worlds, unusual connections to the self and to others, and fantastic landscapes. Each month presents and analyzes mountainous landscapes by an international art-brut artist.

(English, French, a bit of German)

The series is aired from October 2018 to March 2019 on the independent radio station Freirad, Innsbruck, Austria,

Support:  Brock Radio, St. Catharines, Canada,

With permission of Freirad