Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture

The Studies in Arts and Culture (STAC) program welcomes students who wish to engage in pragmatic and experiential learning.

STAC courses offer students the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary experience in:

  • arts and cultural management: students learn how to combine arts, culture and heritage with business, communication, and management skills; and/or
  • curatorial and editorial studies: students learn how to select and prepare written, photographic, visual, sound or video material in consultation with an artist/author for an exhibition/event/publication.

STAC connects students and faculty from Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Music, Canadian Studies, Communication, Popular Culture and Film (CPCF), Geography and Tourism Studies, History, Interactive Arts and Science (IASC), Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MLLC), as well as the Goodman School of Business and beyond.  Students pursuing a degree in STAC organize their program of study in consultation with the Director and the Academic Advisor, and are offered a wide range of options to choose from.

Students enrolled in STAC courses develop crucial skills for a successful career, among them creative problem-solving, effective communication, cultural perceptiveness, team spirit, resiliency, and adaptability.

As a Business student I must have the ability to write. It is cool to see how taking an art class at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts is going to help me advance in my program and how it has a connection with the Goodman School of Business.
Cameron McCafferty, STAC 1F98 – Language for the Arts

Students in the STAC program aspire to be educators, curators, journalists, critics, managers or administrators for cultural institutions like museums, art centres, galleries or cultural associations. They work in the public sector on arts policy, programming for cultural agencies or for municipal, provincial or federal governments. They run, or contribute to, theatre companies, arts festivals, exhibitions or presentation centres. Others become involved in arts businesses, such as galleries, magazines or consultancies.

The STAC program is also an excellent foundation for further study in Masters of Arts programs in digital communities, art history, curatorial and heritage studies, and in the comparative arts.

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Based at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, STAC connects students and faculty from Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Music, Communications Popular Culture and Film (CPCF), the Goodman School of Business and beyond through a selection of course offerings and cultural events. At STAC, you will develop the skills that the contemporary artist, performer, art critic or cultural entrepreneur requires to examine pragmatic and theoretical approaches to understanding the creative process.

“I was able to create my own program of study, and even had the chance to design my own career path.”

Mike Landry
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Studies in Arts and Culture, Concentration in Cultural Management, 2015

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Find your creative path.

Brock’s STAC programs will help you gain a critical view of contemporary culture.

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