Smoke-free corridor

On May 1, 2019, Brock University implemented a smoke- and vapour-free academic outdoor corridor that covers the majority of Brock University’s main and east campus.

The corridor that spans west to east across Brock’s main and east campus was an initiative included in Brock’s Workplace Wellness Framework, which promotes the importance of wellness initiatives and a focus on well-being to influence the overall health of staff and faculty.

The corridor will reduce the number of designated smoking areas (DSA) in order to promote the health of the campus community, reduce second-hand smoke exposure and deter smoking on campus.

View a map showing the Smoke-Free Corridor

What does this mean?

With the implementation of the Smoke-Free Corridor there will be 6 designated areas (DSAs) outside of the corridor for smoking and vaping.
While smoking or vaping tobacco is allowed in DSAs, smoking or vaping cannabis anywhere on campus is prohibited.

The information and resources provided below details the changes and provides guidance for situations of non-compliance.

Anyone interested in quitting or reducing smoking can obtain free help from the following resource: