Payslips & T4s & ROEs

Payslips and T4s (Workday)

During your active employment with the University (i.e. while your status is active in Workday), you can access payslips and T4s under the Pay section of your employee profile in Workday. Access to Workday will cease following your last day of active employment.

Prior to your appointment ending, you need to print or save the electronic file of your T4 for use when filing your taxes.

You are encouraged to print or save electronic versions of your payslips to your personal computing device during the course of your appointment, after each pay deposit, if you wish to have historical copies of your payslips.

Accessing your final payslip

When your last active appointment with Brock ends, your account access to Workday is removed at the end of your final appointment date (i.e. if your last active appointment runs from Sept 1 to April 30, your account access is removed at the end of the day on April 30). In order to access your final payslip, you will be granted temporary access to Workday for a period of 7 days after your final pay deposit. A notification message will be sent to your personal email account with instructions on how to access your final payslip after your appointment has ended. For ease of use, it is suggested that you save the instruction document (Job Aid) to your personal computer prior to following the steps within the Job Aid. Please note that you must have a personal email account entered in Workday prior to your termination date in order to receive temporary access to your payslip.

Instructions on how to add a primary home email account (i.e. a personal email account) in Workday are located on the Workday SharePoint site.

Record of Employment (ROE)

An electronic Record of Employment (ROE) is produced in Workday and sent directly to Service Canada after the end of the pay period that contains the interruption of earnings. Employees can access their ROE via the Service Canada‚Äč site. You can begin the application process after your last day of work and Service Canada will complete adjudication of the claim once the electronic ROE is received from Brock University. Information regarding Employment Insurance (EI) is located on the Service Canada website.

Please note that the end date of an appointment will differ from the last pay date. For example, if a contract appointment ends on April 30, 2020 and is paid on the bi-weekly one-week lag schedule, the last pay date is May 15, 2020. In this example the ROE will be submitted directly to Service Canada, following completion of the May 15th pay. Pay date schedules are located on the Human Resources web page. Please ensure that you review the correct schedule for your position.

If you require a ROE during your period of active employment (for a reason other than the fact that your appointment is ending) a request can be made by sending an email to Please include your full name and Employee ID in the email request.

Personal Contact Information

It is critical that you have entered your current contact information in Workday to support communication regarding payroll items. Before your active employment ends, please ensure that you have entered your permanent residential address (rather then your temporary student address), phone number and personal email address in Workday to ensure that Payroll staff can contact you and/or send you payroll documents, as necessary. A reference document containing instructions on how to view and edit personal information is located on the Workday SharePoint site.


Email or call x4937 or x5622 for more information.