Health, Safety and Wellness

Welcome to the portfolio of Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW), we provide information, resources, tools and support to assist the Brock community in creating and fostering a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable place to visit, study, live, and especially, work.

MISSION: The Health, Safety, and Wellness Team is committed to fostering a safe and healthy work and study environment, through education, collaboration, support, awareness, and promoting the active involvement of all workplace parties.

VISION: We envisions a future where all workplace parties are empowered, and together, create a lasting culture of health, safety and well-being at Brock University.”

Our Services Include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Health Management and Wellness
  • Lab Safety

Visit the HSW SharePoint by clicking on the picture below to review more HSW information, resources and content.

Incident Reporting

The Brock University Health and Safety program is everyone’s responsibility. We all play a part in preventing incidents and injuries.

If you identify a hazard, please complete an incident/injury report form and forward it to

“Be part of the solution and modify behaviour to maximize safety”.

Brock University Occupational Health and Safety Policy