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  • Kathleen Spironello

    Kathleen Spironello, mother of the late Michael Spironello (BSc ’00 , MSc ’03), was always fascinated by the passion her son carried through all aspects of his life.

    It is with that same passion that Kathleen urged both Michael and his sister Andrea to attend the up-and-coming institution only seven minutes from their home, Brock University. In fact, during Michael’s studies at Brock, Kathleen began donating to the University and investing in the competitive student experience Michael was receiving right in their hometown.

    Upon completing his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Biological Sciences at Brock, Michael moved to Toronto to further pursue his PhD in evolutionary biology and entomology. At the young age of 28, Michael unexpectedly passed.

    Together with Brock’s Professor of Biological Sciences, Fiona Hunter, who supported Michael through his Masters, the Michael H. Spironello Memorial Fellowship was established in his memory.

    “Both of my children had a great experience at Brock,” recalled Kathleen. “I know Michael especially had such a strong connection to Brock and the supportive environment there.”

    Today, nearly 15 years after its establishment, the Michael H. Spironello Memorial Fellowship continues to be awarded annually to a graduate student in Biological Sciences at Brock. Kathleen feels strongly that Michael would be proud to know that his award supports graduate students that are passionate about learning.

    By continuing to support Brock, Kathleen remains inspired by today’s youth, their curiosity and drive to learn – just like her Michael.

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  • Deborah Rosati

    Alumna Deborah Rosati (BAdmin ’84), has spent nearly four decades building her career as a respected Corporate Director, Entrepreneur and Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant. While gaining monumental life and business experience as a woman in leadership, Rosati has kept Brock front of mind.

    Over the years and through various engagements with the Brock community, Rosati has ensured student continue to have the positive experience she once did.

    Recently, Rosati’s social purpose company, Women Get On Board Inc. (WGOB) launched a mentorship program to match aspiring corporate mentees with accomplished corporate directors (mentors). Following suit, based on the WGOB’s success with the program and in alignment with Brock’s existing initiatives to support women in leadership, Rosati’s recent gift has established a Women in Leadership mentorship program at Brock.

    Rosati’s goal for the mentorship program in both her company and now at Brock holds the same intention as most of her work; to inspire, elevate, support, encourage and motivate women in leadership. Spending most of her professional career leading and serving on boards and in executive positions where she was one of few, if not the only woman around the boardroom table, Rosati wants to make the landscape more diverse & inclusive for women entering board and leadership roles today.

    “The only way to lead is by example,” said Rosati. “My hope is that by giving back to my community in ways that are meaningful and by stepping up as a woman leader, I will inspire others to do the same. The goal of my support is not only to enable and motivate the next generation of women leaders at Brock but also encourage other existing women leaders to invest in the future of the next generation of us.”

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  • Fred Kingsley

    Fred Kingsley was a long-time supporter of Brock University and the role post-secondary education played in the growth and success of the Niagara region that he loved. Kingsley met his wife Judy during his time as a reporter, columnist, and editor at the St. Catharines Standard, where he worked for nearly four decades.

    In the early years of development for the University, Kingsley and colleagues at the Standard led the “Mile of Quarters” initiative, collecting quarters until a row of them stretched from the front desk to the newsroom and back again. The quarters were then donated towards the initial funding of Brock in 1964.

    Reflecting on her late husband’s excitement towards the efforts, Judy shared, “It was a big deal. We didn’t have a university in St. Catharines and many of us, Fred especially, believed the region deserved one.”

    From the initial years, the couple followed the evolution of the University and the growing impact it had on the region. Judy shared they were “absolutely fascinated” by the level of education available in their hometown.

    Following Kingsley’s passing in 2020, Judy and their children chose to donate a generous gift to Brock in support of student success and resources in his honour.

    “Everything about Brock has served so much good in our lives,” said Judy. “Fred would be pleased to know this gift was made in his memory to establish a good on-campus experience for students.”

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  • Ed Davis

    Many recognize Brock University alumnus Ed Davis (BA ’72) for his legacy as Brock’s first men’s hockey coach from 1967 to 1969. To date, the Brock men’s hockey Most Valuable Player trophy is named in Davis’ honour and Davis was inducted into the Brock Hall of Fame in 2009.

    What many don’t know is that Davis didn’t just coach the team, he established it. In 1966, Davis stood on the Brock campus — one that would be unrecognizable to most today — and envisioned the future of a men’s hockey team for a University that was just two years old.

    Originally from Stratford, the young pharmaceutical representative and Senior A hockey player was working in St. Catharines one day when the University’s first President, James Gibson, called him; “He heard I had helped with the hockey program at Waterloo and wondered if I would be interested in starting a hockey program at what was then the brand new Brock,” said Davis.

    Recently, some 55 years after his tenure as a Brock coach ended, Davis chose to once again invest in the future of Brock men’s hockey. Through a personal gift, he established the Ed Davis Scholarship, which will be awarded to incoming varsity student-athletes of the men’s hockey team starting in September of 2022.

    After reflecting on his time at Brock, Davis said he just felt it was time to give back; “Not only did I get to graduate from Brock, but I got to start a hockey team for the same university, who else can say that?” said Davis.

    The scholarship will live as a tribute to Davis’ contributions to the prosperity of our University and his dedication to the future of Brock hockey and its players.

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