Kathleen Spironello

Kathleen Spironello, mother of the late Michael Spironello (BSc ’00 , MSc ’03), was always fascinated by the passion her son carried through all aspects of his life.

It is with that same passion that Kathleen urged both Michael and his sister Andrea to attend the up-and-coming institution only seven minutes from their home, Brock University. In fact, during Michael’s studies at Brock, Kathleen began donating to the University and investing in the competitive student experience Michael was receiving right in their hometown.

Upon completing his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Biological Sciences at Brock, Michael moved to Toronto to further pursue his PhD in evolutionary biology and entomology. At the young age of 28, Michael unexpectedly passed.

Together with Brock’s Professor of Biological Sciences, Fiona Hunter, who supported Michael through his Masters, the Michael H. Spironello Memorial Fellowship was established in his memory.

“Both of my children had a great experience at Brock,” recalled Kathleen. “I know Michael especially had such a strong connection to Brock and the supportive environment there.”

Today, nearly 15 years after its establishment, the Michael H. Spironello Memorial Fellowship continues to be awarded annually to a graduate student in Biological Sciences at Brock. Kathleen feels strongly that Michael would be proud to know that his award supports graduate students that are passionate about learning.

By continuing to support Brock, Kathleen remains inspired by today’s youth, their curiosity and drive to learn – just like her Michael.

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