Impact of your gift

Brock was built on a community’s dream for a brighter future and continues to thrive and grow thanks to the generosity of our supporters, partners and champions who support student success.

With the support of our donors and friends, Brock has remained committed to advancing the strategic priorities of the institution, resulting in enhancements for our students, faculty, staff and community. 

Led by our Institutional Strategic Plan, Brock continues to advance as Niagara’s comprehensive university by offering a transformational and accessible academic and university experience; fostering a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, reconciliation and decolonization; expanding research capacity locally and globally; and enhancing the life and vitality of our region and beyond. 

As we reflect on the past year, Brock we are grateful to the Brock and Niagara community for their support of our mission, vision and values, and look forward to all that we, together, can accomplish.

Guided by strategic priorities, Brock looks to maintain balanced excellence and stay on a trajectory to become the university of choice for a growing number of students and academics. 

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Featured donors

Impact on students

“As an International student, having travelled half way across the world to be here has been an amazing experience. The uncountable opportunities here have allowed me to grow and call Brock my home.” 


4th year Computer Science with a minor in Business

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our amazing Brock donors for their continuous support in providing scholarships and academic assistance to students. The opportunity to benefit from their services as a Brock student has truly motivated me to strive for success at Brock University. Their generosity has been an inspiration, and I am incredibly grateful for their unwavering support.” 


4th Year Sport Management

“Education and enlightenment means everything to me, and your support stood as a light in my darkness and gave me room to dream again” 


2nd year Public Health

“When I received the email advising me that I was a recipient, I wept uncontrollably. They were tears of joy. The funding has allowed me to remain working in the field focusing on my research, while also helping to support my family. This scholarship is helping me to fulfil my education dreams.” 


Horizon Graduate Student Scholarship recipient, Educational Studies PhD student

“Giving promotes feelings of happiness. Donor supports are vital for our students as an array of hope. Your generosity is helping students achieve their full potential, inside the classroom and out in the community. Because of your support, our students are reaching their goals and pushing themselves towards greater heights of achievement. We appreciate you.”


President, Brock University Graduate Students’ Association

“On behalf of Brock’s undergraduates, we are grateful for the support of our donors, alumni and friends. Your goodwill is helping ensure that Brock has the resources to look to the future, meet today’s local and global challenges and prepare us to take the next steps in our personal and professional lives.”


President, Brock University Students’ Union