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Brock was built on a community’s dream for a brighter future and continues to thrive and grow thanks to the generosity of our supporters, partners and champions who support student success.

With the support of our donors and friends, Brock has remained committed to advancing the strategic priorities of the institution, resulting in enhancements for our students, faculty, staff and community. 

Led by our Institutional Strategic Plan, Brock continues to advance as Niagara’s comprehensive university by offering a transformational and accessible academic and university experience; fostering a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, reconciliation and decolonization; expanding research capacity locally and globally; and enhancing the life and vitality of our region and beyond. 

As we reflect on the past year, Brock we are grateful to the Brock and Niagara community for their support of our mission, vision and values, and look forward to all that we, together, can accomplish.

Guided by strategic priorities, Brock looks to maintain balanced excellence and stay on a trajectory to become the university of choice for a growing number of students and academics. 

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Impact on students

A headshot of a young woman looking directly at the camera smiles.

“ Thank you for the support of the nursing simulation labs that provide us with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and skills.” 

Elisha Fogg 

4th year Nursing 

A headshot of a young Asian woman with a wide smile.

“ The many study places we have on campus are so important. Being able to study in the Rankin Family Pavilion, Market Hall, the Library, Plaza and various other locations on campus have allowed me to be successful academically. Thank you for all of your support!” 

Sally Bellevue

4th year Concurrent Education 

A young man wearing a Brock University golf shirt and name badge stands in a sunlit corridor smiling into the camera.

“ Having the ability to book free personal counseling sessions around the clock really helps to make us Brock students feel supported during our studies. These resources are made possible through the support of our generous donors. Thank you!” 

Liam Nielsen 

4th year Sport Management 

A young black woman wears her long hair in thin, multi-coloured braids and a bright red, Brock Surgite t-shirt. With her hand on her hip, she smiles confidently at the camera.

“I want to thank Brock for recognizing that equity within the institution is important enough to address overtly. By creating this scholarship, the University has elevated us as students and amplified our platform.” 

Nwakerendu Waboso

(BA ’07, MA ’12) was honoured to be chosen as one of the first 20 recipients of Brock University’s Horizon Graduate Student Scholarship.

A young woman wearing glasses and black clothing stands outside, in front of a weathered door.

“Throughout this last year, students continued to overcome odds presented by the pandemic. Though some of those odds remain, the support and generosities by donors have offered a light in the darkness. Your contributions have made consequential differences in the lives of graduate students and the greater Brock community. The depth of your generosities do not go unnoticed, unappreciated or unacknowledged – you’ve helped illuminate the paths of our futures.”

Haley Myatt

President & Chief Executive Officer, Brock University Graduate Students’ Association

A young woman wearing a hijab and a collection of gold necklaces looks into the camera with a slight smile.

“Donor support is vital for us as Brock students to achieve success in our studies and to ensure a positive student experience from day one through to convocation. Ranging from student award support, to essential programming, to advancing research, and the necessary spaces to learn, gifts in support of all areas of the experience mean so much to us.”

Faten Darbaj

President, Brock University Students’ Union

2021-2022 Annual Donor Impact Report

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