What happens next

At this time, we do not accept resumés unless they are for a specific posting. Please apply to any positions that are of interest to you. For general inquiries, contact: buildarewardingcareer@brocku.ca

Application submission

Do your research. Get to know the department that you are looking to join. We love to hear about why you are passionate about a particular field. Be sure to read the application instructions and include the full application package with your submission prior to the posting deadline. You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been received.

Tips for your resumé/CV

Include relevant and related experience to the position you are applying for. Be sure to highlight how you meet the qualifications of the position, your interest in working at Brock University and how you believe your values align with ours.


At Brock, we typically conduct panel interviews. Expect to be asked behavioural and situational questions based on the qualifications of the position. We are happy to set up virtual interviews to accommodate schedules and candidates who live a far distance from the University.

What happens next?

After the posting deadline, the department will carefully assess and review all applications received based on the duties and qualifications of the position as outlined. We appreciate all applications received; however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Please note: it is Brock University’s policy to give consideration to qualified internal applicants.

For information on the hiring process for unionized positions and for full details on the posting and appointment process, please refer to the respective collective agreement.

We appreciate your time and effort in the application process.

Thank you for your interest in choosing a
career at Brock University.

“All of the speakers were very enthusiastic, and it was exciting to see senior management take the time to create a welcoming environment and encourage us to take pride in our roles at Brock.”

— Past participant

New Employee Orientation

We believe that New Employee Orientation (NEO) is an important part of welcoming new employees to the University. NEO is an informative and engaging experience that will build a strong foundation for a career at Brock University.

New Employee Orientation will connect employees to the University beyond their positions and departments. By attending, employees will:

  • Strengthen their connection to the greater University community by meeting employees from other departments and areas of the University.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Brock’s history and culture.
  • Participate in a “meet and greet” with senior administration.
  • Discover valuable resources and learn about how things work at the University.
  • Learn more about many of the services and activities available to employees.

All eligible staff and faculty are encouraged to attend.

Visiting the main Brock campus soon?

Please refer to this page for up-to-date maps and detour route information as different areas of our
campus become inaccessible due to construction work.