Career development

Learning and career development are natural elements of an academic environment. At Brock, it is an ingrained aspect of our culture.

Approximately 45%* of Brock’s hires are through internal movement.

*Statistics from 2017.

81%* of Brock’s Leadership Training participants strongly agree that the training provided supports their career development goals.

New employees are engaged
and integrate well into our culture, as shown by our retention rate of 96%*.

Lifelong learning

Brock University offers educational assistance to eligible employees, allowing them to pursue their academic goals by taking advantage of our top-notch programs.

Employees also have access to a Learning Calendar of courses, workshops and seminars. Programs, such as Crucial Conversations and Leading the Way, provide employees with opportunities to develop new skills in classroom and real-world situations.

“The activities of this program were relevant and very helpful. All of the content was useful and timely for me!”

— Participant of Leading the Way program