Campus Security at Brock University cannot make this a safe campus alone. We need help and we recognize that nothing will completely stop crime. We also know that it can be deterred if people will take a little time to do a few simple things.

The four major themes of community policing are:

  1. Proactiveness
  2. Partnership
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Empowerment

Community Policing Plan

Brock Campus Security Services’ philosophy, strategy, and plan for community policing.

A community is a place where people live, work and play who share common interests.

Communities can keep themselves healthier by forming partnerships within the community and with local law enforcement officers.

Taking ownership and building safer communities for the future is a partnership both the community and the police must take together.

CAMPUS WATCH has all the principles and practices in motion. Be part of the team!

Should you have any concerns or ideas you would like to pass along, please feel free to do so by calling 905-688-5550  x4300 or emailing