Course offerings for Music majors: 2012-13

Department of Music

Course offerings for Music majors: 2012-13

Note: all courses subject to final budget approval
and may not be offered if enrollment is insufficient.

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Core Lecture Courses

1F50 History of Music from Medieval to Modern Times

1F90 Theory & Composition I

2F90 Theory & Composition II

2Y05 Aural Skills I

2Y06 Keyboard Harmony I

3Y05 Aural Skills II

3Y06 Keyboard Harmony II



1-2-3-4P84 Wind Ensemble

1-2-3-4P86 Orchestra (by permission of Chair)

1-2-3-4P87/89 Men’s/Mixed Choir (either/or)

1-2-3-4P88 Women’s Choir        


Applied Music

1-2-3-4F92 Full-credit Lesson & masterclass   

1-2-3-4P81 Half-credit Lesson              

3P02/4P02 Recital I & II (written proposal by April 1)


Music Electives for 2012-13


Music History

4P51 History of Music in the Renaissance

4P52 Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera

4P54 Singspiel and German Romantic Opera

4P55 History of Music and Liturgy to 1600


Music Education

2P40 Vocal Techniques

2P43 Percussion Techniques

2P45 Fundamentals of Music Education (NEW)

2P93 Conducting I

2P94 Choral Methods I


Music Theory

3P90 Approaches to Music Theory since 1900

4P95 Topics in the History of Theory: 18th & 19th Centuries          


World Music

2P00 Music of the World’s Peoples



2P21/3P21 Accompanying I & II

4F99 Honours Thesis (written proposal by May 1)

4P93 Directed Readings: Music History (NEW)

4P94 Directed Readings: Music Theory

4P99 Independent Study (written proposal by May 1)


*Tutorials are individual meetings with an instructor.  In the case of Accompanying, piano students work on accompaniment and rehearsal skills with Dr Di Bella. In the case of 400-level tutorials, the instructor is chosen by the student based on the instructor's expertise, and the instructor, in turn, must agree to supervise the student.  There are no scheduled lecture classes. Students are expected to work on their own. All tutorials require a high level of self-discipline for successful completion.


It is the student’s responsibility to check the Music course calendar for course prerequisites.