Letter of Recommendation Form

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please give the URL for this Letter of Recommendation form to your Music teacher or a person qualified to discuss your musical background. The completed form must be
submitted by your referee at least one week before your scheduled Entrance Evaluation date.

NOTICE TO REFEREES: Please ensure this form is submitted one week before the applicant’s scheduled Entrance Evaluation date. If you are unable to use this electronic form, please contact music@brocku.ca for alternatives.

BROCK UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Confidential Letter of Recommendation

Please fill out and submit this form to us before the scheduled audition date.
  • Please ask the applicant to provide you with any and all information relevant to Section A.
  • Address of Applicant:
  • Your Address:
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  • Estimate of Overall Potential:
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  • Perseverance:
  • Musicality:
  • Technical Facility:
  • Intonation:
  • Sight Reading:
  • Rhythmic Accuracy:
  • Self-Confidence in Performance:
  • Please feel free to use this space for any additional comments or to attach a letter. Thank you.
  • By checking this box, I agree to be contacted at the address, e-mail address, and/or telephone number I have provided above for the purpose of confirmation or verification of my testimonial. I acknowledge that should I fail to respond to a confirmation request before the applicant's scheduled audition, the applicant may be required to seek another referee.
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