Letter of Recommendation Form

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please give the URL for this Letter of Recommendation form to your Music teacher or a person qualified to discuss your musical background. Your referees can also choose to fill out their forms via printable PDF ensuring it is submitted at least 5 working days before your scheduled audition date.

NOTICE TO REFEREES: Please ensure this form is submitted 5 days before the scheduled audition date. If you need to save your progress, you will find a Save Progress link at the bottom of the form. If you are unable to use this electronic form, you may alternatively download the printable PDF and fill it out manually. Please note that paper forms should be emailed to music@brocku.ca, or to:

Administrative Assistant
Department of Music, Brock University
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, Ontario
Canada, L2S 3A1

Please state in the subject line of the e-mail that it is a letter of recommendation for a particular student. If you have a School-Board or other professional e-mail address, please send it from that address.

BROCK UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Confidential Letter of Recommendation

Please fill out and submit this form to us before the scheduled audition date.
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