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The Working Paper Series is a platform to provide members, associates, and affiliates of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre with the opportunity to share unpublished and pre-publication research, reports, commentaries and other findings with researchers who have an interest in environmental sustainability, as well as with the broader environmental community.

The aims of the working paper series are:
- to provide a venue to inform and share results of on-going research in a timely fashion;
- to highlight the variety of endeavours and expertise of Brock¹s Environmental Sustainability Research Centre;
- and to encourage discussion and collaboration with other researchers, students and the public.

Author Guidelines
All working papers must be prepared using the following author guidelines prior to submission:
- Click here for the Word version, or
- Click here for the pdf version.

To submit a working paper, authors must agree to one of the following copyright options:
1. Option A
2. Option B
Please attach the signed form (option A or B) when submitting your paper.

Published Working Papers
All accepted working papers will be available through ESRC's page on Brock's Digital Repository.

Submit a Working Paper

Please submit your manuscript file in txt, doc, or rtf format.