Offer a transformational and accessible academic and
university experience

To be a destination of choice for undergraduate, graduate and part-time students we must ensure an academic and university experience that positively transforms our students’ abilities, understanding and impact on the world. We teach future-ready students and equip lifelong learners with a zest for knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable them to achieve their full academic, professional, career and life potential. Core to our student experience is the development of engaged citizens who are resilient, involved, career-ready and versatile.

Goal: Deliver high-quality programs that meet the interests and needs of students, and support them to achieve their potential in life.


  • Review and renew academic programs regularly and expeditiously to ensure they reflect students’ interests and animate their desire to expand and challenge their abilities and perspectives.
  • Increase and enhance programming that leverages the distinct cultures, geography, economic composition and demographic profile of our region.
  • Develop programs that meet labour market and societal needs by tailoring them to provide students with the skills required for current and potential areas of growth.
  • Map learning outcomes with career and life skills and competencies to facilitate academic program renewal and development and facilitate existing and future academic pathways.
  • Increase experiential learning and high-impact practices across all academic programs.
  • Improve and enhance pedagogical support and development opportunities for faculty and staff.

Goal: Expand Brock’s lifelong learning opportunities for our students and members of the community.


  • Adopt flexible and inclusive courses and program delivery formats, including a tri-semester schedule, to better meet the needs of a broader demographic.
  • Expand and formalize responsibilities for lifelong learning such as part-time degree offerings and professional development opportunities.
  • Create initiatives that lead from certificate or diploma programs to an undergraduate or graduate credential, further skills for working professionals (micro credentialing) and offer learning opportunities for older adults.

Goal: Offer globally-oriented learning and experience opportunities.


  • Attract world-leading scholars to Brock.
  • Increase active partnerships with highly reputable international academic institutions and global organizations that facilitate opportunities for student and faculty engagement and collaboration.
  • Encourage faculty and students to be actively engaged in research, scholarship and academic studies in other countries and bring their learning and perspectives back to Canada to share within local communities.

Goal: Provide an engaging campus experience that meets students’ needs and affords social, cultural and recreational opportunities for all students.


  • Ensure students receive timely and proactive support services.
  • Continue to build capacity in ExperienceBU and the co-curriculum.
  • Continue to improve effective and well-integrated student services in order to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.
  • Enhance and improve recruitment and other supports to ensure personal and academic success for Indigenous, international and first-generation students.

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Brock University Institutional
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