University vision, mission and values

Brock of 2018 is being shaped by numerous forces, as outlined by the environmental scan. This analysis serves as a backdrop for defining the strategic focus and priorities of the University within the context of the institutional vision, mission and values adapted and revised from the previous Integrated Strategic Plan, and in light of input received during the 2017-18 consultation process.


Brock University is a dynamic, comprehensive university that makes a positive difference in the lives of individuals in our Brock community, the Niagara Region, Canada and the world through leadership, innovation and excellence in learning, teaching, research, scholarship and creativity across disciplines.


Brock flourishes through the scholarly, creative and professional achievements of our students, faculty and staff. Although we share a common purpose, we recognize and honour knowledge pursued through diverse perspectives and approaches. Our academic mission is to nurture and support our students and faculty in the discovery of knowledge through exemplary scholarship, teaching and service.

We provide undergraduate, graduate and professional education of the highest quality. Our graduate programs enhance Brock’s growing reputation for excellence in teaching, research, creativity and innovation. We provide a transformative experience for our students inside and outside the classroom by helping to develop their full potential as educated and engaged citizens in local and global communities. Brock graduates go out into the world as leaders, with a track record of entering fulfilling careers across all disciplines.

Brock University works to enhance the economic, social, cultural and intellectual lives of the communities around us — Niagara, Ontario, Canada and beyond — and to demonstrate the vital ways in which we contribute to the health, well-being and betterment of society in the 21st century.

Guiding values

Brock is committed to the following values as it strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our students, staff, faculty and communities on a daily basis.

Integrity and respect:

These principles are foundational to all our relationships and to making Brock University an exemplary and nurturing place to study, work and visit.

A unique student experience:

We are committed to a unique student experience that is characterized by innovative pedagogies, a quality learning environment and high-impact teaching practices such as experiential education and transdisciplinarity.

Freedom of thought and expression coupled with academic responsibility:

As a university, we serve society through the cultivation of enquiring minds while acknowledging that our freedoms are accompanied by a responsibility to foster civility in critical dialogue.

The generation and mobilization of knowledge:

Through dynamic teaching, learning, research and creative activity, we develop the intellectual potential of our students, thereby enriching the material, cultural and intellectual dimensions of the communities into which they graduate.

Innovation through disciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarly activities:

We embrace innovation through disciplinary and transdisciplinary curricular offerings, pedagogy, e-learning, scholarship, research and service.

Inclusivity, diversity, equity:

We recognize the dignity of each person and their right to live life to the fullest. We build inclusivity and equity through understanding and respect for diverse identities, and reflect this in our approaches to teaching and learning, research and creativity, administration and service provision, and community engagement.

Reconciliation and decolonization:

We are committed to reconciliation with Indigenous communities and decolonization of the academy through promoting awareness and understanding of Indigenous culture, history and ways of knowing across all University activities.

Sustainable, accountable, transparent stewardship:

As stewards of public and private resources, we are accountable for our performance and must ensure we evaluate the impact of our actions on our human, financial and environmental resources to ensure that the outcomes will be sustainable and form a solid academic foundation for our future scholarly endeavours.