Enhance the life and vitality of our local region and beyond

Brock is committed to working with the communities in Niagara, Ontario, Canada and the world. Through local and global connections, we increase opportunities for the residents of Niagara. By responding to the needs of society and supporting its growth and development, we strengthen community vitality and vibrancy.

Goal: Increase and enhance enriching opportunities for our students, alumni, faculty and staff to engage with the community.


  • Establish a mechanism to create and sustain longterm, mutually beneficial community partnerships that will:
    • Expand knowledge mobilization and application through collaborations, both on and off campus.
    • Develop Brock-Niagara community-based accessible programming and resources.
    • Support celebration events that acknowledge our community connections.
    • Encourage active participation in student life ranging from volunteer and employment opportunities to clubs, intramurals and Brock Sports.
  • Encourage and enhance community use of University services and facilities by:
    • Continuing to make Brock resources more accessible to the community.
    • Creating purposeful opportunities for the community to visit Brock.
    • Supporting the development and maintenance of facilities where people learn and live.
    • Ensuring communications and marketing efforts are reaching and understood by the wider community.

Goal: Support regional economic, social and cultural vitality.


  • Support entrepreneurship, commercialization and innovation by:
    • Encouraging entrepreneurial-minded students, faculty and community members to start businesses by providing knowledge, resources and space through BrockLINC programming;
    • Fostering creativity and curiosity through engagement with technology and new digital methods through Brock’s Makerspace and Digital Scholarship Lab; and
    • Increasing the volume, diversity and impact of commercialized IP and innovation.
  • Increase access to programs that are in high demand from students and by society that will increase the employability of graduates.
  • In partnership with our communities, anticipate and respond to societal needs through the co-creation of knowledge of local and global opportunities and challenges.

Goal: Enhance engagement with Indigenous communities in the spirit of reconciliation.


  • Continue to build a welcoming and respectful environment on and off campus.
  • Promote two-way dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.
  • Enhance programming, courses, research and creative activities that promote the understanding of Indigenous pedagogies, systems of knowledge, cultures and histories.

Goal: Cultivate outstanding relationships with our alumni starting with their earliest interactions with the University.


  • Enable graduating students to transition to active alumni status through new initiatives and communication strategies.
  • Enhance outreach to alumni and develop additional ways to be involved and recognized in campus life.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments and significance of our graduates.
  • Build experiential learning, research and community engagement partnerships with alumni.

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Brock University Institutional
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